How Ditching Breakfast Cereals Can Help Reduce Cancer Risk

Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, and what you choose to eat this morning matters just as much. Morning cereals have been an American household staple. It is the most convenient choice for people who live busy lives and only have a few minutes to prepare food. 

The big cereal companies like to advertise breakfast cereals as “healthy” options. While some cereals contain healthy ingredients like oats and wheat, the copious amount of sugar to make it “delicious” can cancel that out. Marketers often like to focus on the good stuff like the vitamins, minerals, and fiber they packaged into one serving. But one ingredient is directly linked to cancer, something that has yet to be addressed by these companies. 

How Can Breakfast Cereals Increase Risk of Cancer?

Some breakfast cereals contain glyphosate, a toxin that is known as the “weed-killer.” The Environmental Working Group or EWG found that several cereal brands contain this compound in an amount that is not safe for children. This toxin is also linked to cancer. Ingesting too much of it may heighten your risk of acquiring the notorious disease.

Aside from this, another ingredient to address is sugar. Breakfast cereals are very sweet, which is why it is questionable for this to be a safe choice for children and adults alike. Glucose, fructose, corn syrup, and even honey are still considered sugar no matter how companies try to twist it. Excess sugar increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, which is a health condition that can increase the likelihood of acquiring cancer as well.

What Can I Eat in the Morning?

Ditch the bowls of unhealthy breakfast snacks and focus on eating a quality meal full of protein. Bacon and eggs are also a morning classic that can be healthy depending on how you prepare them. You can also incorporate some healthy fats like avocadoes on toast to fill you up. And if you’re not someone who enjoys filling up on breakfast, there are plenty of protein shake recipes that will keep you full and give you plenty of energy to start the day.

And if you want to eat something reminiscent of cereal, try picking up a bowl of whole rolled oatmeal. You can cook them in the morning or leave them to soak in milk overnight. Add some fruit for that healthy sweet kick, and you have yourself a bowl packed with fiber and healthy vitamins and minerals, just like cereal.

Simple Morning Habits to Pick Up

To reduce your cancer risk, you can pick up some healthy morning habits to keep yourself fit and active. Stretch and exercise first thing in the morning to start your day right. Your morning habits set the tone for the rest of the day, so you can certainly go out for a morning walk or do a quick fifteen-minute routine before breakfast.