Hope Is Light

hope is light
Desmond Tutu once said, “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Our new patients at New Hope Unlimited always ask me, “Why do you do what you do?” “How can you work with cancer patients?” Most people think my job is terrible, sad, disheartening and full of grief. My friends ask me why do I choose to be around sick people all the time? I would be lying if I said I never feel those emotions, but I can say with all of my heart, I love my job.

I do not look at our patients as a sick and dying person. I rather like to choose to see them as a once vibrant, happy person that needs help to get their abnormal cells to stop dividing. They like everyone want to feel good again and useful to themselves, their families and friends. Our clinic -hospital doctors and staff believe in treating the person with great respect, compassion, love, and scientific proven protocols. Our goals are to use protocols from around the world that have proven to stop cancer from growing and spreading. Our goals are to try to get the patient in remission using anti-cancer protocols, try to build the patient’s immune system so that it can help the patient fight like the their body was meant to fight, and detox the body as the treatments are done.

I have been fortunate to see what people call miracles when really it is their own body helping them to heal. They just needed some help and someone to believe in them. I am not saying that everyone who comes to New Hope Unlimited goes in remission but I am saying we have more remissions than the average clinic. I know that may be a bold statement but we have the proof. High dose chemotherapy and radiation not only kills abnormal cells but it kills the good ones too. It totally destroys the immune system and people become weak and it is hard to fight back. When someone gets to the point of feeling too sick, it even works on their mind. They start believing they are past the point of return. Once they start feeling a little more energy, then hope comes back into their life, and then miracles can happen.

Yes, I love my job and I love our patients. Other than my family, the patients are the ones that I love waking up in the mornings for. They are the ones who give me great hope for better protocols and more scientific research for cancer. They are the ones who help me see light despite all of the darkness.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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