Hidden Sources Of Stress That Affect Your Health

Hidden Sources of Stress that Affect Your Health

Hidden Sources Of Stress That Affect Your Health

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You splurge on a massage each month, meditate and even do yoga. What could possibly be making you feel jittery all the time? Believe it or not, there are hidden sources of stress that affect your health. In fact, you could purposely be doing relaxation techniques and still be unable to put a smile on your face.  Finding out the hidden sources of tension and stress in your life can improve both your mind and your body. Live in a constantly tense state can put you at risk for future health problems, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fertility issues and others. Here are a few hidden sources of stress that affect your life. Get rid of these factors now to get your groove back.

Keeping Cool All the Time

When you are too composed and keep your cool one hundred percent of the time, this is a hidden stressor you need to be aware of. At times, your emotional well-being may be sacrificed to look cool. Instead, sharing feelings of stress and anxiety with superiors and colleagues can improve your relations and mood with bosses since people connect better when real feelings are revealed. The solution is that if you have to do a presentation and are feeling nervous about it, talk to a colleague or boss that has done it in the past. These suggestions will ease your worry and build hard-to-match rapport.

Social Media

Everybody knows how social media is fun to participate in. It turns out that social media dependence such as on Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook does not really do you good. One study increased the use of social media in a fourteen day period. The finding was a decrease in happiness with the increase in social media dependence. The social media triggered damaging comparisons socially with the digital personas of acquaintances and friends. The solution to this is balance. Don’t spend more than 3 hours each day on social sites. Once or twice daily should suffice.

High-strung co-workers

Did you know that you can feel stress if someone around you is high strung? When people you work with are anxious, this has a tendency to trigger the same feelings in you. This is called empathic stress according to Leipzig and Dresden, Germany research. This is a phenomenon that causes higher levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, to be produced in your body. The end result is that you will tend to feel as if you are the one going through extreme stress. The solution is to give yourself a buffer if you can’t change your desk location. Alter your chair, phone and computer. Add some plants to your workspace. Take a walk if the level of your co-workers’ stress becomes extra elevated.

Clutter, clutter everywhere

When you live in a space with clutter, there will be unnecessary stress in your daily living. Visual information is something your brain has to process. It automatically believes that clutter equals chaos, regardless of how sure you are of where everything is. The quick fix for this would be to reorganize your space. Take time out and do some organizing. Your brain will thank you for minimal clutter.

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