Healthy Hair Growth

It is best to avoid the toxic commercial shampoos and hair treatment products in promoting healthy hair and scalp.  Rely on what nature has supplied us, which is high quality burdock oil. Achieve those shiny locks and receive the other therapeutic effects.

This oil is also known as Bur oil and burdock root oil extract that is extracted from the leaves and root of the burdock plant that is native to Europe and has been naturalized in North America.  It has been used for centuries by various cultures, thus its various names. Burdock oil has been used in food and drinks, cosmetics and medicines.

The root is sometimes used as food and the seeds can be used to make a decoction to lower fevers, while all of the parts of the plan are used for medicinal purposes like joint problems, acne treatment and hair growth and scalp maintenance.  This product has also been marketed for hair loss, with products available in cosmetic stores that can be massaged onto your hair 3 times a week for maximum results. This will help to restore the function of your hair follicles and sebaceous glands to further protect against scalp dryness.  The oil is very popular in Japan for hair wellness and also for skin care.

Burdock oil has vitamin A and essential fatty acids that can help strengthen our hair by nourishing your scalp.  This is definitely something I need to try. The older I get, the less hair I have. It can also help with scalp infections and irritation caused by dandruff.  Mucilage, tannins, and inulin are also contained in the burdock plant that can provide beneficial action.

Any safety issues are rare, except for individuals specifically at risk such as causing an allergic reaction in those who are sensitive to certain flowers and herbs as ragweed, daisies, marigolds and others.  Those individuals with allergies, along with women who are pregnant and breastfeeding, should avoid using this oil. It might also increase the risk of bleeding during and after surgery.

Your blood sugar may be reduced or increased by the use of burdock oil so diabetics should watch their levels and avoid using the oil.  It can also cause electrolyte imbalance and skin allergies. Consulting a natural holistic practitioner before using it, especially when doing so for therapeutic benefits, would be advised.  If you take an anticoagulant or medication that slows blood clotting, they will interact with burdock. Taking them might increase the chances of bruising and bleeding. Some of these drugs are aspirin, clopidogrel, diclofenac, ibuprofen and warfarin.

Dr Fredda Branyon