Healthy Alternatives for Breakfast

Healthy Alternatives for Breakfast

Oh how you love bacon, ham, and sausage for breakfast but your doctor warns you that you have to begin going healthy now or you will become obese and perhaps suffer from a medical condition. But you think, how can you possibly do that? What can you serve in the morning aside from your favorites? Your problem is solved. Read on.


Oatmeal assists in reducing cholesterol when you eat it regularly. It is rich in folate, omega-3 fatty acids, and potassium. As much as possible, look for steel-cut oats because they contain more fiber than instant or rolled oats. Avoid prepackaged flavored packets because they are loaded with sugar. If you want your oats to be flavorful or sweet, mix it with milk and honey (just enough amount, though). Top your oatmeal specialty with fruits and nuts.

Fruit and CheeseHealthy Alternatives for Breakfast Image

Sometimes, you may need something that is easier to prepare because you are in a hurry. Fruit and cheese is a good choice. Get an apple in the fridge and slice them. Grab one to two ounces of cheddar as well and cube them. Prepare ¼ cup of walnuts. Place them all inside a resealable plastic bag then toss.

Salmon and Egg with Spinach

Another quick breakfast alternative for a busy person like you is salmon and egg with spinach. You will need two eggs, two slices of smoked salmon and one handful of large spinach. You can boil and poach the eggs the night before. Come morning, put them all on your plate. Salmon and egg with spinach can easily fill your tummy. This is good for your health, especially if you are on low-calorie diet.

Strawberry Parfaits

So you feel like feasting on something sweet in the morning? Don’t worry because you can still have it without thinking about your health. Here’s what you will need: one pound of strawberries, two-three tablespoons of muesli cereal, and two cups of low fat vanilla yogurt. Here’s what you will do: cut the strawberries into quarters, divide them into two. Get the half and place them into four glasses. Set aside the other half. Pour the one cup of yogurt equally into the four glasses. Do the same with the three tablespoons of muesli cereal.

Get the second half of strawberries (leave some pieces to serve as toppings) and put them into the glasses again. Do the same thing with the remaining yogurt and muesli cereal. Now top them with your sliced strawberries.

Breakfast gives you the energy to do your daily activities for the whole day. But if you even go healthy with your choices of breakfast meals, you can also help yourself lose weight. You can try preparing the healthy breakfast alternatives provided above. You can also search over the Internet for more.

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