Happy Senior Citizen’s Day

A different definition of TIME:

T = Today                  I = is                   M = my                   E = everything


It is such a blessing that we have grown to be the age we are, no matter what that age is. Have you ever wondered what if we didn’t count the years what would that be like?  Would we just live each day as it is, or would we continue telling ourselves how old we are and thinking wonder how much longer we might have left to be around? 

I have friends older than me, and let me say, I am no longer a spring chicken according to the number of years. I have noticed that the friends that always mentioned their age, became “old” early. It seems like the friends who are older but do not think of their age, do not appear to be the age they are in the number of years applied to them. 

Years ago I watched an interview with Tina Turner. She was asked how she kept herself so young at her age and was able to still dance and sing like she did. Her statement has always rung in my ears. She stated that she never thinks about her age and believes it is just a number to pull you down. She is still singing and dancing to the blues at the age of 79. 

Look at Cher. She is 73 and still active. Madonna is 60 and still going strong.  

Kane Tanaka who lives in Japan is still living. This past March 9, 2019, he was officially confirmed the oldest person living at the age of 116 1/2 years old. 

Sarah Knaus of the United States lived to be 119 years and 97 days. She was born in 1880 and died in 1999. There is proof of her birth. 

I feel that no matter what our age is, we should stop worrying about it and try to live each day as if we have forever. When you free yourself up from worrying so much about getting older, it seems that people tend to get younger. Think about it. Look around you. It seems those who are always complaining about getting old, are subconsciously telling themselves that is what is expected of them so they are just going to go ahead and do it. And I must say that is ok if that is the way some people want to live their life. 

Each day is a gift. No matter how old or young we are, we should work hard at trying to make a new habit for our lives. That new habit could be thinking about how blessed we are to have another day and we are going to do our best to enjoy it. Learn to laugh at whatever you can find to laugh at. It is amazing what that can do for your immune system. 

It is important that each day we try to get some fresh air. Movement is so important. You don’t have to go join a gym if you don’t want to but at least be sure to get some movement in some way. Movement helps constipation.

Sleep is important. If you aren’t sleeping, there are several herbs on the market that may help but speak to your doctor first so you do not mix substances together if you are on certain prescriptions. 

Find groups that you may join. Getting around others may help fight depression. Even if it’s only once a month. That still may help. 

When you need something, don’t let pride get in your way. Ask for help. Look at it this way, it might give someone else some joy in their heart because they feel needed. 

Think about what you would like out of life and then image what it would be like. Sometimes imagination can put things into motion to come about. 

~Dr Fredda Branyon