Happy Monday! Have a cup of coffee…

Happy Monday! Have a cup of coffee…

Finally! I heard a doctor in the United States announce that coffee can possibly help keep us from getting cancer. Last week on his show, Dr. Oz discussed foods that may help our immune system fight cancerous tumors.

Usually, after drinking your coffee in the morning, what is the first thing you need to do? Go poop. Yes I said poop, but the real lingo is eliminate your bowels. That’s a good thing. The more poop (feces) we can eliminate from our bodies, the healthier we can be. Poop is waste material that does not need to be hanging around. Coffee can stimulate our digestive peristalsis in order to help us.

Our doctors at New Hope Unlimited have been telling our patients for years that certain foods and liquids may be beneficial in reducing cancer cells or helping us to stay healthy. Dr. Oz announced last night some of the foods that he had researched. He had found there is scientific proof that collard greens, white kidney beans, tomatoes, and yes, coffee can be beneficial.

Several years ago I read about a large study from Japan that had researched over 7,500 participants and found that a one half cup of coffee a day prevented liver cancer. Our problem is that we as Americans are used to drinking the “good stuff” from Starbucks or Tully’s. We have to have all the sugars and flavors added. That is where we make our mistake.

Many alternative doctors tell their patients to stay away from coffee. I have never understood this concept because if we use our common sense, what does coffee do for you? Well, let me tell you my argument as to why it can be good for you. Please keep in mind that some people really do need to stay away from coffee because it is a stimulant and several cups can increase the heart rate. If you do not like coffee, then please do not force yourself to drink it for there are other great drinks like green tea that are beneficial.

Coffea Arabica (coffee) is a botanical family member of Rubiaceae. It comes from an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to about 28 feet high. It has dark green, shiny oval leaves and has white star shaped flowers with small red fruit containing two beans. The coffee plant is native to East Africa but appears now in tropical countries. Coffee’s constituents are theobromine, theophylline, tannins, and of course, caffeine.

In medical school we had Botanical classes and we were taught that coffee is considered a stimulant for the cerebral and cardiac systems. It is a diuretic, a mild analgesic and can potentiate the effect of some analgesics. Coffee can be addictive and can stress the adrenal glands if used in excess. We need to avoid coffee in cases of insomnia, palpitations, hypertension, and high stress. The benefits for the Nervous System is that it can help with fatigue, headache, and migraines. For the Respiratory System, it may help with chronic asthma.

Larges amounts of coffee may accelerate bone loss from the spine and total body in women with calcium intakes below the RDA of 800 mg.

Coffee like anything can be bad for us if we overindulge. I like one cup of coffee to start my day and I have to be honest, on some days, it may not just be one cup but two, and never more than that.

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