Foods to Eat for Quick Energy Boost

Looking for Foods to eat for quick energy boost? Next time you feel like you are dragging your feet, put down the cuppa’ Joe and instead, get a quick energy boost from these food selections. Believe it or not, food is the number one factor that affects your energy and knowing as much as you can about which food groups help maintain your energy throughout the day is a great life skill, to say the least.

Foods to Eat for Quick Energy Boost image

Raw Sauerkraut

Yes you read that right. Not just the perfect pair for bratwurst, raw sauerkraut helps in keeping your energy even throughout the day. The cabbage is fermented and high in probiotics. This creates a more efficiently-digesting gut. Since the body does not need to work as hard to digest the food you eat, you end up with more energy. The spicy fermented Korean cabbage recipe called Kim chi works the same way. If you are craving  a hot dog from a street cart, go ahead and double up on the sauerkraut and you might be surprised at how much energy you are left with throughout the day.

Whole-Grain Toast

Sixty percent of energy you need to make your body grow is provided by carbohydrates. Whole grains are full of minerals, vitamins and packed with complex carbohydrates. If you want to prevent a giant surge of blood sugar before your next meal, eating whole grains should do the trick. This means that you don’t get a carbohydrate crash when you eat heavily processed snacks. Begin the day with high-fiber cereal or oatmeal so you stay full until lunchtime. You can also snack on whole-grain granola bars or crackers for a boost in the afternoon.

Dark Chocolate

When you nibble a dark chocolate square, this is something that is actually good for you. As a dessert after lunch, this contains theobromine, a natural stimulant like caffeine, which is both a mood-booster and an energy-booster.


Hazelnuts, almonds and cashews are rich in magnesium, which plays a big role in the conversion of sugar to energy. These nut varieties are also fiber-full to keep the level of your blood sugar on an even keel. Stave off hunger with protein. Keep a bag of trail mix or mixed nuts in your desk drawer or your purse to remain high on energy the entire day.

Fresh Fruit

In fruit, the natural sugar gives you quick energy when you feel you are dragging yourself through the day. Since fruit is packed with fiber, it helps keep the level of sugar in your blood at a steady pace. Make a breakfast smoothie that is super energizing with yogurt and fresh fruit. The yogurt is magnesium-rich, which helps in regulating energy release. Vitamin C-rich strawberries help in transforming fat into energy and blueberries, which help you focus. You can also take a pineapple, which is a tropical fruit that contains iodine to help in controlling how rapidly energy is burned by your body. Don’t feel like a smoothie today? More great choices you can take to work with you are apples and bananas, which work as quick pick-me-ups whenever you are on-the-go.