Follow these tips to prevent cancer

Alternative Cancer TreatmentPaul Richards from Jamaica wrote an interesting article on cancer treatments and the alternatives. He begins by explaining that cancer is said to be caused from a virus, plague, condition and/or a product of unhealthy lifestyle and living. He believes it is all of the reasons stated above. Pollution and our surrounding environments also play a part of the unhealthy lifestyle.

Cancer is so complex because we are bombarded with chemical pollutants of all kinds. They are especially so in our foods, drinking water and even the air that we breathe. These pollutants are present in most industrialized countries around the world except for a few like China. Even though they are the world’s largest producer of rubber and plastic items, they are still able to remain healthy in spite of the innumerable amount of factories that they have.

The problem within the US and Europe is not because of the factories or products we make, but stems instead from the profitability of prescription drugs as opposed to inexpensive traditional herbal remedies. The pharmaceutical companies want to bite off more than they can chew, due to their greediness. The herbal remedies are too good and inexpensive, so the pharmaceutical companies literally drop their hands. It has been proven that manufactured drugs can be highly toxic and therefore very harmful to human beings. It is all about the money and not the people. People are dying every day because they cannot or could not afford the drug that might have put a new lease on their lives.

In China their everyday diet is very high in herbs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and water. Sugar, powdered seasoning, artificial flavorings, salts and sugars are hardly ever used. Americans and Europeans seldom prepare a balance meal and are heavy with fats, oils, sugars, salts, powder seasoning, artificial flavoring and so on.

Following these few steps every day may help prevent cancer.

  • Prepare meals with natural/organic seasoning more than artificial onesFollow these tips to prevent cancer Image

  • Eat a balanced diet every day

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Exercise daily by walking or join a gym

  • Take a vacation at least twice yearly into the country

  • Detoxify yourself every night with pure lime/lemon juice with baking soda

  • Visit the doctor twice yearly for a checkup

  • Limit unhealthy lifestyle by staying with one sex partner and practicing healthy hygiene

  • Avoid cigarettes, ganja, cocaine, sodas, alcohol

  • Maintain a good spirit-filled life

  • Use mainly herbal remedies for illnesses and not pharmaceutical drugs

  • Purchase an herbal book to edify yourself

Convert your highly toxic body back to its natural state from acidic to alkaline. Bacteria, viruses, and germs love acid and will never go away as long as we keep giving them sweets, pastry, fatty foods, junk foods, sodas, white flour, white rice, red peas and the like. Strive to eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, brown rice and flour, nuts, coconut products, herbs, alkaline water and so on. They are much better and these steps might help you to not have to worry about cancers. I think Paul has a good suggestion for all of us to take control of our own health and happiness.

– Dr Fredda Branyon