Five Simple Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

Five Simple Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis
Learn how you can lessen the chances of developing osteoporosis by following these five simple steps to have healthier, stronger bones in your body.

Osteoporosis is not the first thing people worry about when they get old. In fact, there are a significant amount of women that have limited to no knowledge about this dangerous, bone-thinning disease. What is worse is that experts are now saying that more women will be diagnosed with the osteoporosis as the population gets older.

This disease, although it affects both men and women, is more likely to develop in women. It is a very serious threat to the health of a person, wherein worldwide, one in three women aged 50 years old and above is bound to suffer from a broken bone. The cause? Osteoporosis. This is a statement made by International Osteoporosis Foundation president John Kanis.Five Simple Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

Despite this worrying fact, many women remain unaware that menopause increases the risk of osteoporosis. As a result, they are not taking the necessary preventive measures needed to stop or delay the development of osteoporosis.

Without the proper preventive measures, the risk of bone loss will accelerate once menopause starts to kick in and the quality of bones will start to deteriorate. Women who are older than 45 would have to spend more time inside a hospital because of this disease and not because of other chronic illnesses such as diabetes, breast cancer, or heart attack.

Moreover, those with osteoporosis who develop fractures may become bed-ridden and immobile for the rest of their lives, diminishing the quality of life, and might even cause early death.

Given all these information, it would be best to follow the following steps to prevent osteoporosis from developing:

First on the list, is of course, diet. The best way to prevent this horrible, bone-thinning disease is to get the right vitamins and minerals into your system. Eat foods that are packed with calcium and high in protein. Get your dose of vitamin D too, either by basking in the sun or through a supplement. Lastly, make sure you also eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

After eating your heart out, you should be diligent enough to exercise to keep your bones in proper condition. Try to keep your body working for half an hour, every other day, which would be four times a week. Focus on weight-lifting and resistance training, because this targets and strengthens your bones.

Consequently, even with proper exercise and a healthy diet, as long as a person has vices, it can affect the progression of osteoporosis. Smoking and drinking alcohol in particular, has a negative effect on bone health.

A person’s weight can also affect bone health, so avoid becoming too thin, as it can put you on a higher risk for osteoporosis than people who have a normal weight.

If you reach menopausal stage, don’t hesitate to consult your doctor regarding bone health and get assessed for risk for fracture.

Lastly, and most importantly, do some research and educate yourself on various risk factors for osteoporosis. Among the most common are going through menopause before people reach 45 years of age, having rheumatoid arthritis, using glucocorticoids, those who have had broken bones in the past, and family history of the disease.

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