Where to Find Strength When You Need it the Most


Life’s circumstances can sometimes be tough. You might thing that you are not prepared to deal with the inevitable challenges of life. But don’t wave the white flag too soon. There are a few things you can do to make yourself mentally strong particularly during the times you need it the most.

Baby Steps

If you are unsure of what to do first, take baby steps. Make a phone call, write a to-do list or do small tasks and errands. Push yourself to take action and break down your problems one small step at a time. No matter how small a step you take, remember that slow and steady wins the race and that it is better than no step at all.

Don’t Escape

Deciding to go on a wild shopping spree or drinking an entire bottle of wine to drown out your emotions will only prolong your suffering. Find methods of coping healthily to deal with how you feel. Exercise, journals, meditation and talking to friends are some exercises that can help you get through your emotions rather than just avoiding them.

Name Your Feelings

Instead of suppressing or avoiding your emotions, naming them will help you more in the long run. Label and acknowledge every feeling and keep in mind that you may feel a lot of different emotions simultaneously. Name your anxiety, sadness and fear. This will instantly reduce intense feelings and will lessen your sense of distress.

Think of Your Future

When you are worried about what is happening today, remember that this will affect your future. Imagine you are ten years in the future and are looking back. The loss of your job does not quite seem as big as it first did, does it. Of course, events such as losing a loved one may be a big deal but visualize your future self telling your present self that you can get through it.

Remember Other Tough Times

It is a waste of energy and time to question your ability to deal with adversity. Instead of telling yourself continuously that you are not sure you can do it, remember tough times you went through in the past. Remind yourself that you have gone this far and persevered. This will give you renewed strength to keep going strong.

Develop a Good Mantra

Self-doubt and harsh criticism waste precious power of your brain when you most need it. Create a strong mantra you can tell yourself to help get rid of negative thought. Tell yourself “I can handle discomfort” or “I am stronger than I think” are affirmations that can help you deal with all the challenges you face.

Be Your Own Friend

The way you talk to yourself when you are feeling stressed out may spell the difference between gloom and doom. Instead, talk to yourself like a friend. Your mental strength will drain out fast if you begin thinking of one catastrophe after another. When things are okay, prepare yourself mentally for when things get tough by making a commitment to speak to yourself as a friend you trust. What advice would you give someone facing the same problem? An optimistic yet realistic pep talk may be all you need. You get renewed vigor and help in tackling the problem when you remove emotions out of the equation.

Find strength when you need it the most and you will soon develop the life skills you need for every circumstance you have to face.

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