Fibrin and Cancer Cells

We at New Hope Unlimited, believe the immune system is very important for the fight of cancer. We also believe and teach our patients about the extra fibrin coating we can develop over the years and the importance of being able to clean the excess coating in order to help fight cancer.

Dr. Lloyd Jenkins wrote an article on fibrin.  It is normally thought that a person needs a strong immune system as the key to fight against cancer. Jenkins has spent years of research looking for natural ways to reverse cancer and does not agree with the immune system claim because of fibrin.

Marcello Malpighi, an Italian biologist, discovered in 1666 that when our cells are injured, it forms a special protective coating called fibrin. This is essential in protecting the wound while blood and oxygen rush in to repair the damaged tissues. Fibrin is defined as an insoluble protein formed from fibrinogen during the clotting of blood, forming a fibrous mesh that impedes the flow of blood.

At this time, many people considered this to be a great discovery, and it really is, but when you are dealing with cancer, it’s very bad news. Naturally there was little cancer back in 1666. Now one in three people develop cancer and in some counties, it’s one in every two people.

Fibrin coating protects cancer cells from the immune system. Why is this coating a problem in treating cancer? When cancer cells cover themselves with this protein fibrin coating they very effectively hide from our immune system and then our immune system is not able to do its work. You would almost think the cancer cells are hiding in a bunker and the artillery just bounces off. The thick protective coating prevents the body’s own defenses from getting inside the cell and/or cancer tumor to destroy it.

Chemo and radiation are both very powerful tools used in destroying cancer, but research shows that this sticky fibrin coating is so effective that it makes it difficult even for chemotherapy and radiation to pass through it.

He believes that if you have a healthy immune system working at optimum level, not being able to penetrate this fibrin protection may enable the cancer to continue to grow and spread throughout the body. This is his reasoning for not agreeing that just a strong immune system is the key to reversing cancer. He also believes this is why immunotherapy is not the full answer to cancer, and a better way is to first remove the protein membrane so the immune system can then destroy the cancer cell. This may be a valid theory, but I do believe that you have to start with building the immune system to allow your own body to fight for you.

Jenkins believes it is important for us to have a strong immune system, but it just isn’t enough on its own until the fibrin coating is removed from the cancer cells. So, how does he recommend doing this? Apparently fruit enzymes and citrus extracts strip away the fibrin. Researchers have found that using a combination of a specific enzyme along with citrus fruit extracts will strip off this fibrin protein shield causing no harm to the healthy cells.

These enzyme and citrus extracts are routinely used at some centers with their cancer patients along with several other therapies that include hyperthermia, laser, colonics, cell regenerations, PEMF, photonic light, parbio magnestism, Matrix regeneration, spinal realignment and many other natural remedies.

Dr Fredda Branyon