The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech #12

The true power of the FDA is revealed with this article as part of The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine.  The FDA has actually lost some critical court cases in spite of the dictatorial powers Congress has given to them in order to crush alternative medicine.  There are a couple of key problems the FDA has run into such as the following:

  • Scientific Evidence.  There are a growing number of long-term studies which yield high quality published scientific evidence linking natural substances to health benefits.
  • Constitution.  Congress has a way of ignoring the Constitution.  Our founding fathers were not paid-off by Big Pharma and they put a clause in the Constitution regarding “Freedom of Speech.”  

The FDA and Freedom Of Speech

The FDA has managed to get around the “freedom of speech” issue by pretending to be concerned about the health of the American people.    The FDA came up with the slogan “significant scientific agreement.”  The FDA actually had no answer as to what it meant when this term was used in court.  They lost the case at the appellate level.  A lot of time and money has been spent on trying to define that term so it could be used in court to crush scientific evidence and freedom of speech.  The goal was to give drug companies the ability to win in court regardless of actual scientific studies.

Anyone with an M.D. or N.D. behind their name is guaranteed to have these characteristics: (1) they know virtually nothing about nutrition, (2)nothing about truthful alternative treatments for cancer, (3) they are brainwashing us that chemo and radiation are good for us, (4) they hate alternative medicine and (5) they think all alternative medicine is quackery.

Pharmaceutical Profits Above Science

The FDA is putting pharmaceutical profits above scientific evidence by cleverly morphing the phrase “pharmaceutical profits” into the phrase “significant scientific agreement.”

 This term crushes the valid research of anyone not controlled by the pharmaceutical cartel because most “scientists” have sold out to the pharmaceutical cartel and their opinions take precedence over real scientific studies.  This essentially says only the side with the most money has opinions that matter.  Information from the people on both sides of an argument should be given to the person in order to make an informed decision.  The FDA does not allow people to hear both sides.  This limits  “freedom of speech” where a patient should hear issues from both sides.  It was originally designed to allow those who disagree with government to speak without being persecuted.  This would be a threat to the FDA and the profits of the Big Pharma as well as the external retirement benefits of FDA executives and the pharmaceutical industry.  

The first amendment is to declare that the government does not have the right to favor one side of a critical issue and to suppress the other side from presenting their view.  That is exactly how it is NOT working out.  

Nutritional Supplement Labeling

And rules went into effect in 2003 that nutritional supplements must have labeling that is like a tobacco-type disclaimer.  Thus, freedom of speech is really freedom of viewpoint.  The government should force medical schools to teach alternative medicine along with orthodox medicine and let the doctors/patients decide.  We should all have more options and more information in choosing the treatment plan that is right for us.  In conclusion, Congress has allowed us to choose things that can kill us through orthodox treatments but disallows us from choosing alternative treatments that will probably save our lives.  

Money buys anything in politics.  The highest bidder gets the favors.  It just isn’t about the common person on the street, is it?  It isn’t what’s best for those who voted to put politicians in Congress, but only best for the politicians themselves.

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