Easy Ways to Relax before Bed

Easy Ways to Relax before Bed
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You are too tired but you realize you can’t sleep. Your mind is off to somewhere—to the piles of documents that you have to review for the next day’s meeting, to the altercation that happened between you and your best friend, and to a lot of other things. So how can you possibly go to the dreamland? Give yourself the time to relax before bed. It’s your only consolation after a stressful day. Consider these steps to help you out:

Go to bed at the same time every day.

You have to give your brain the signal that it is time for you to sleep. Aside from turning the lights off, you should also go to bed at the same time each night. It helps your brain prepare you to sleep. Likewise, wake up at the same time. Creating a sleep-and-wake pattern will make it easier for you to relax prior to bed time and after waking up.

Make your bedroom sleep-friendly.

A clutter-free bedroom provides a stress-free drift. Soon as you close your eyes, what can be in your mind is what you have seen the last—your bedroom. If it is clean and organized, you will have a very good rest. More important, do not make your bed your workspace. Never accept phone calls and do office tasks inside your room. Let your brain think that that is your place only for sleeping.

Do not do anything an hour before bedtime.

Set your schedule. If you need to chat or call some friends, do it at least an hour before you go to your bedroom. This is your way of giving your mind enough time to unwind. If you have a daily journal to complete, you should also write in it an hour prior to sleeping. It may help if you will write what you have accomplished during the day. Any good news is a good motivation of creating a peaceful and happy sleep.

Watch TV if you want to.

If you are used to watching TV at night, again, do it 60 minutes before resting. However, you should refrain yourself from watching programs that can stress you (like heavy-drama TV series) or can encourage wakefulness. Tune in to something lighter.

Perform deep breathing.

After praying, you can do deep breathing. Set your alarm to 10 minutes. Remember to focus on your breathe; listen to it. Stop soon as the alarm rings.

Relax to a hot bath.

A hot bath releases all the tensions in your muscles. It sets relaxation to your mind, particularly because it raises the temperature of your core body. You can add a drop or two of lavender essential oil to your water to stimulate sleep.

Regardless of how stressed you are at work when you come home, you should find ways to relax before going to bed. This will help you achieve a good night’s sleep and therefore become active as you wake up and productive for the entire day.

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