Dr. Brodie & the Personality Traits of Cancer Patients

Dr. Brodie & the Personality Traits of Cancer Patients


Dr. Brodie was a veteran of the alternative cancer treatment movement. He had said that when he worked in the cancer ward as a medical student, it struck him that the patients were suffering more from the cancer treatment than from the cancer.He dedicated his life to trying to help cancer patients and doctors become aware of the possibilities of alternative cancer treatments. He was the pioneer who ushered in alternative medicine for the United States. However his love for his patients and his medicine came with a personal price. He was ostracized by his medical colleagues and was even jailed at one time for using Vitamin C on a patient which was harmless.

As the years passed and traditional medicine doctors began to see how their patients were coming back healed and doing much better than expected, Dr. Brodie began to gain their respect back.

I loved Dr. Brodie because when we opened our clinic, there was no one in the United States other than him doing alternative medicine. Before meeting him, when ever we had a question as to what more could we do, we would need to set the alarm clock in order to get up and call Dr Brenner in Israel or doctors in Germany. That was so tough because of the accents but these doctors were willing to share their protocols and help.

Once I met Dr. Brodie, he was so willing to share and help us. It did not matter what time of day or night. If we had a question or problem, he would stop what he was doing just to talk it through with us. He truly loved what he did and loved his patients. I was heart broken when he died.

Dr. Brodie had come across a study that was done in Germany about the cancer personality. Yes, according to the Eastern doctors, there is a personality for every disease. Dr. Brodie took the German study, translated it and began to do his own study.  Over the years we also watched our patients and came to the same conclusion, there may really be a personality to this disease.

Below is the 7 listings for the Cancer personality. Beware! Some of it seems like a great way to be but remember, its all about balance.

  1. Highly conscientious, dutiful, responsible, caring, hard-working, usually of above average intelligence.
  2. Strong tendency toward carrying other’s people’s burdens and taking on extra obligations.
  3. Deep-seated need to make others happy, tending to be “people-pleasers”. Great need for approval.
  4. History of lack of closeness with spouse or others who would normally be close.
  5. Long standing suppression of toxic emotions, such as anger, resentment and/or hostility. Typically cancer patients internalize such emotions.
  6. React adversely to stress, often being unable to cope adequately with such stress, usually an especially traumatic event around two years before the onset of cancer.
  7. Inability to verbalize or resolve deep-seated problems, conflicts, and burdens.

Please, we all need to remind ourselves daily to stop and smell the roses. This small “stopping moment” can actually help our immune system by not becoming so over taxed. I wish life didn’t have to be as hard as we (I) seem to make it.


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