Do you lie to your doctor?

Be honest with your doctor about all of your habits and your health. Don’t pay any attention to the embarrassment, as your doctor is there to help you. Without the complete information, he/she is restricted in helping you. And, lets be honest, more than likely your doctor has already heard it all from someone else. So no need to worry about judgment.

Telling your doctors might be hard if you had that night out and engaged in binge drinking. This can cause all those test results to fly out the window and send your provider down the wrong path.

Do not lie to your provider if you haven’t really stopped smoking. This can interfere with certain drugs and can help explain some symptoms you might be having. You might get a lecture about smoking, but isn’t it worth it to walk away with an accurate diagnosis?

One thing women have a tendency to avoid is admitting to consuming that cholesterol and sweets. Just tell the truth and perhaps your doctor will be able to give you some tips to help in managing your eating habits.

Exercise is another thing you shouldn’t lie about. The doctor needs to figure out how to keep you healthy. You don’t have to be someone that goes to the gym every day and that’s ok, but you need to be honest about this so he/she can suggest other alternatives like walking your dog or taking a brisk walk around the block.

Be absolutely sure to be honest about the number of sex partners you have had in the past year. This is not a morality test and could be a risk for certain diseases. You will not be judged, as he/she is only there to help you.

If there is a possibility that you might have an STD, don’t keep that a secret. There are treatments available and this is very contagious. It might be awkward, but absolutely necessary. Lying about who you are having sex with, as in the same sex, the opposite sex, or both, can make a big difference when your doctor is trying to figure out what certain symptoms might mean.

If you feel there is trouble in the bedroom and your sex drive is down, it could be a sign of an illness and your doctor should know about it, especially if you are young and otherwise healthy. Medications or psychological therapy might be needed.

Small things might be easy for you to ignore, but they could be really important clues to your doctor, so don’t skip over them. They could end up being a really big deal and a sign of something serious.

Denying the use of drugs can be a very dangerous lie. Medications that your doctor might give you could react with street drugs and make you very sick or cause other problems. Drug abuse can cause other issues your doctor may not know to look for.

Revealing the over-the-counter supplements to you’re taking is important for your provider to know. Again, some might be dangerous if you take them along with other prescribed medications.

It is reported that about half of the people who are chronically sick don’t take their meds the way they’re supposed to. Skipping because of side effects or you just don’t like the way they make you feel, should be discussed with your provider. He/she may be able to adjust your drugs or help with providing the drug if money is the problem. Just be sure to report ALL of the over-the-counter meds that you take. Your drugs all need to work together and when they don’t, this can be very dangerous for you.

–Dr Fredda Branyon

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