Debunked Myths

Here are a few of those myths we hear about nearly every day. Take a look at the possible truths.

• Should you drink 8 glass of water a day? Don’t bother counting your cups. When people are thirsty and drink down their water, they get enough to stay healthy and hydrated.

three-eggs-on-table Are eggs really bad for your heart? Rejoice in your eggs. Eating an egg or two a day doesn’t raise the risk of heart disease in healthy people. The cholesterol isn’t as bad as the fats we consume from everything else we eat.

• Will antiperspirant really cause breast cancer? The National Cancer Institute says there’s no evidence connecting that product with breast cancer.

• Can you get a cold from being cold? Spending too much time in cold air does not make you sick. You are actually more likely to get sick indoors around germs.

• What about those daily vitamins? That point is not agreed upon by all researchers, but if your doctor tells you to take them, do it. Pregnant women need to take folic acid to lower the risk of birth defects. Get your nutrients through a good healthy balance diet.

• Do you have infection if you have green mucus? A lab test takes the place of the contents in your tissue. Green or yellow mucus is slightly more common in certain bacterial infections but not a sure sign that you need antibiotics. A sinus infection may cause clear mucus that a common cold can turn green.

• What about that nasty toilet seat? Well, don’t fret. They are usually pretty clean. You need to worry more about bathroom doors, doors handles and floors that tend to be covered with bugs like E. coli, norovirusl (stomach flu) and the flu.

• Oh, my cracking joints. This may be annoying but it does no harm and will not cause arthritis. The cracking results from a gas bubble that forms between the bones and “pops”, but doesn’t play a role in arthritis.

• Can we lose weight by eating breakfast? This might help some people lose weight as it can stave off hunger and might prevent them from random eating later in the day. There was a study done by Cornell University that found the non-breakfast crowd didn’t overeat at lunch and dinner, and ate about 400 fewer calories a day.

So now we know some of the things that have been debunked and we can rest easy and enjoy some of the things we have been led to believe might harm us. Just get out there and eat healthy and keep up that exercise while you have a great life!
-Dr Fredda Branyon

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