Dads’ Favorite Sayings

As we are all aware, Father’s Day is coming upon us again on June 17th.  This is our time to honor our fathers and make them special. To do this there are many ways to do things and say to make his day a brighter one.

Some very common things that all dads seem to say to us are:

  • Go ask your mother! (Mom’s do this, too!)
  • Just wait until I get you home!
  • When I was your age…..
  • My father used to tell me…..
  • I used to walk to school in the snow in a blizzard, many miles….
  • Be home early

So how do you make this a special day for your dad?  It might include a dad, stepdad, brother, son or other father figure in your life.  These men all need to hear that they make a difference in our lives and are loved.

You can offer prayer as a simple gift anytime and anywhere for that special man.  Make a special memory together as that is a better gift than presenting them with a present that is soon forgotten.  Take him on a special trip or even surprise him with a unique experience that he has never even thought of doing. Take time out for that weekend together that never seems to present itself.

Plan something around his favorite things whether it’s sports, movies, theater, bike hike, canoe or just some quiet time spent with the family.  Get the families together and celebrate with a potluck meal and a good lawn game. Water balloon fights can even be fun, or just let your dad kick back and relax!  

The good men in our lives aren’t here forever and we have had to say goodbye to many, so take this time to honor those still with us and the memory of those already passed.

Let our fathers know we love them no matter what and how much of an impact he has made on you all for generations to come.  It isn’t what you spend but how much quality time and honest feelings you share with your loved one. Make it a day he’ll never forget.  (And neither will you!)

Dr Fredda Branyon

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