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Curvy Hips & Intelligent Children

Children Writing On A BookWe are always trying to figure out why some people are smart and others are not. Determining what might cause increased intelligence, or what is linked to children that have higher learning capabilities, is always an enigma. Some very strange links are found in studies. One is that women with curvy figures were actually more likely to give birth to children with increased intelligence, than those who did not have a curvy figure. WHAT? I certainly didn’t know hips were that important, and why have I have always worked hard to keep mine as slim as possible?

This study has certainly brought up a lot of questions, and people are looking for more answers, which brings about this theory of curvy hips resulting in more intelligent offspring. Around 16,000 women and girls were involved in a study where cognitive tests were done on the children of the curvy women, and the women themselves were also given these tests. Results were that women with the wider hips corresponded with higher cognitive scores and did much better on the tests than those women that did not have the curves.

Due to the link that was found, it was determined that fatty acids could be the culprits. Fat that is most likely present on this part of the body is typically fatty Omega 3 that is linked to mental capabilities. So, having more Omega 3 in the body could be the explanation behind the theory that women with bigger curves give birth to higher IQ level children.

Many researchers are not convinced of these findings and are very skeptical, and they feel that there is more to it than just curves being the cause of intelligence. Even though Omega 3 is linked to mental capabilities, more research needs to be done to determine if there is a real link that exists between curves and intelligence levels.

So, do we really believe that all slim-hipped women have lower intelligence babies? I guess I’m one of those skeptical people as well. Maybe it depends more on the size of the bone structure rather than the fat that makes up the wide hips, right? What about the slim-hipped Asian women and their brilliant offspring? Why, then, are we all starving and dieting to reduce the size of our hips?

-Dr Fredda Branyon


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