How to Cope With A Serious Diagnosis

How to Cope With A Serious Diagnosis

How to Cope With A Serious DiagnosisIt can be paralyzing to be diagnosed with a grave illness such as cancer as you sit in the doctor’s office. Suddenly, what was consuming your thoughts would suddenly recede into the background as you face terrifying, completely new territory. You might even feel as if time has stood still. However, you need to move on. What should you do next?

There is a lot of tested and proven advice from experts that have experienced this very same scenario.  We put a few of the best tips together for coping with a scary diagnosis. Here are the coping tips that made the top of the list:

Numb and Bewildered

The moment you hear the doctor proclaim the grave prognosis, you may feel lightheaded and not even remember the conversation or what was said. You may even feel numb and unable to remember majority of what treatment options are being offered to you. This is entirely normal. It is hard to take in new information under stress. Due to feelings of bewilderment and shock, you may feel overwhelmed. If this is the case, try and digest information in pithy, short chunks. When you attempt to learn more about your prognosis through books or the net, be careful of overwhelming yourself all at once with all the information you find out there.

Feelings Change

Mentally, try to keep in mind that feelings change. You won’t always be feeling like this. The numbness and shock that happens when you learn about a serious problem with your health will subside. The intense feelings won’t be permanent. It is devastating to hear the grave news at first. However, the dreadful feeling eventually lifts, and you will be able to think more clearly about what next steps to take after a while, believe it or not.

Take It Easy

Of course, a crisis such as a scary diagnosis is something that can be devastating even to the best of us. Advice from experts? Act as if nothing in your life has changed. Rather, temporarily or permanently let go of the stuff that feels overwhelming to you. Stick to the most necessary tasks such as keeping doctor’s appointments and scheduling. When a storm such as this one comes into your life, it is a good idea to try to wrap your mind around things and to take a few days off work if you need to rest your emotions.

Choose Your Support

Coming to terms with a diagnosis as scary as this one is a choice you will have to make. Selecting whom to lean on or whom to tell for support is an important part of the process. There is simply no correct or wrong way to do this. Choose the people you want around you and the amount of information you will be revealing. Join a group whose members can totally relate to what you are going through. Later on, these are the very same people you will cry with, laugh with and show your battle scars to.

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