Controlling Negative Thoughts

Controlling Negative Thoughts

Controlling Negative Thoughts

We all have those dreaded negative thoughts but, for some, the thoughts become endless and constantly inescapably there. It’s critical to end the loop of negative thoughts to successfully escape anxiety and depression.

Blessings are hard to focus on when locked in a spiral of negative thoughts. All those worries and flaws seem less important when you can conscientiously focus on the positive things. Being able to see the blessings we have, appreciation can be expressed and the true enjoyment of positive elements can cement a new and positive attitude, making it easier to dismiss those negative thoughts when they occur.

Loneliness is a condition that follows negative thoughts, anxiety and depression. This makes actively engaging socially very difficult. Negative thoughts can be escaped through time with friends and attending social events can also help lessen the negative thoughts. There are support groups for people both on-line and in person to begin gaining the skills and courage to become more social.

If you give in to them, negative thoughts can overcome the mind. Focusing from negative thoughts to other interests can help avoid those destructive thoughts and new interests will help in distraction. Try music, movies or literature as an accessible avenue of escape. This activity must be something the user truly enjoys to a totally immersion in the escape, which is the key.

Some form of meditation, whether religious prayer or another, allows a person to isolate and evaluate the sources of your anxiety in gaining peace. Making a scheduled time to focus on reflection is healthy, regardless of your religious status, and is an acknowledgment that the practice of refection is beneficial and has withstood the test of time throughout centuries of human existence. The mind will gain peace from negative thoughts through meditation and as a positive thinker.

A critical way to escape from your negative thought traps is through social connection. Be sure to avoid those who enjoy being miserable as we know that “misery loves company”. Establish friendships with those who have escaped and are leading positively focused lives.

Make a plan toward happiness because if not, negative thoughts can easily take over your mind. Those who lack direction and purpose allow negative thoughts to flourish in the mind. We all experience negative thoughts but the healthy person accepts this fact and evaluates the thoughts as they occur. If these thoughts go beyond your control, writing down the thoughts and then ripping the paper to shreds actually helps eliminate the thoughts.

A selfish person is also created through the negative thought loop. Realizing those beyond the self, will grow a more positive perspective person. Help others to provide distraction, society and distance that will allow an honest evaluation of negative thoughts. Seeing and realizing the situation of others will help a person dismiss the negative thoughts that occupy their thoughts and derail their potential.
-Dr Fredda Branyon

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