Coconut Magic!


Coconut oil is our magic to living a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps it doesn’t work for everyone, but it sure does work for most. The virgin coconut oil should be used and not the hydrogenated stuff. This is a magical superfood that can improve the health of each and every one of us. Here are some benefits that could very well save your life.

  • If you have food poisoning, coconut oil can help reduce the severity of symptoms when ingested and kills the bacteria. Try drinking coconut milk or coconut water or some gelatin with coconut oil whipped cream.
  • It will relieve sore throats by creating a soothing layer over one’s throat.
  • Helps cracked heels by massaging a spoonful of it on the cracks of your heels.
  • Coconut oil will reduce appearance of varicose veins by massaging warm coconut oil on the area where you have varicose veins for 5 to 15 minutes twice a day. This also promotes blood flow and gets rid of the blood clots that cause the veins.
  • Try coconut oil as a constipation relief as it is considered the best natural laxative to help relieve difficult and infrequent bowel movements.
  • Instead of a nasal spray for your dry nose, simply take some coconut oil on cotton swabs and apply to the inside of your nose.
  • Try it on the fussy baby with diaper rash. This is safe and natural and creates a soothing barrier by keeping your baby’s skin smooth.
  • How about those insect bites? Coconut oil has anti-microbial actions that kill harmful microbes in the infected area. Less itching and more sleep.
  • Those stretch marks will love being kept lubricated with coconut oil. Moisturize and nourish that skin after you shower, but don’t rub it in all the way, rather allow it to be absorbed into your skin for optimal results.
  • That awful body odor will go away with coconut oil. Use it to moisturize your armpits and let the coconut oil absorb your skin. It will act as a good-smelling agent longer than any store-bought stick, without that aluminum that links to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Now for those ear infections that coconut oil can be used for to treat viral and fungal infections. Heat coconut oil with a garlic clove but make sure it is not hotter than 98 degrees. Take an eyedropper, lie on your side, and put two drops of the remedy in your ear. Wait 5 minutes before getting up.
  • Increases energy and burns more fat.
  • Coconut oil can reduce hunger.
  • Seizures can be dramatically reduced by the fatty acids in coconut oil that are turned into ketones and are being applied to epilepsy treatments.
  • Lauric Acid increases good HDL cholesterol in blood and is present in coconut oil.
  • Those with the driest and most brittle of hair have found that coconut oil turns their hair into shiny, lush and manageable hair.
  • Try it as a sunscreen.
  • Boots immune system and improves digestion.
  • Improves dental quality and bone.
  • Helps prevent cancer.

How can anyone go wrong by using coconut oil and reaping all these benefits? It’s cheaper than medication and a natural product. Try some or all of the above uses and draw your own conclusions. There are even more benefits than listed above.
-Dr Fredda Branyon