Case Study of Media Corruption #8

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In The War between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, we have now come to article #8, which studies the corruption of media.

The Reader’s Digest is a great little publication that usually includes a lot of useful information. But recently there has been a consistent pattern. There are gobs of pharmaceutical ads in every issue with at least one article glorifying a doctor or medical profession and never talks about alternative medicine except about the most basic nutrition. This is harmless to the pharmaceutical industry and apparently approved. There were 25 ½ pages of space paid for by the pharmaceutical industry in an issue in 2003. Where do you think the readers’ loyalty would be after that? There was an article on Vitamin D, (YEAH!) which was pretty good and even talks about preventing colon cancer and possible other types of cancer. The article also glorifies the National Cancer Institute as if they were a government agency with integrity.

The truth is, periodicals suppress the truth and lead people astray.

An Internet site had an article that with vitamin consumption already on the rise, after Nobelist Linus Pauling’s book on Vitamin C was published in 1970, the average vitamin C consumption in the US increased 300%. According to Pauling biography, he wrote his book because of false information about vitamin C and other vitamins being disseminated by so-called Medical authorities through the media. During the 70’s, deaths from Coronary Heart Disease began a steep decline and 30-40% of this attributed to Pauling’s book. This decline was not a coincidence that Vitamin C consumption increased 300% after his book.

Alternative medicine people are put in the same category as the witch in the Wizard of Oz. Reader’s Digest wrote a book that totally ignores that heart disease took a nosedive after people increased their consumption of Vitamin C. There is also an entire chapter on the wonders of prescription drugs for the heart. Three chapters on orthodox medicine are included and one page on alternative medicine, and that page depended on an absurd study that had only a small part of the Linus Pauling therapy. A media company must follow when dealing with alternative medicine in order to maintain their pharmaceutical industry advertising dollars and because it has a long history of following those rules, decade after decade.

A statement was made by John Swinton, pre-eminent New York journalist and head of the editorial staff at the New York Times, sometime between 1880-1883. “To date, there is no such thing in the world’s history, in America, as an independent press.” If many were allowed their honest opinions to appear in an article, their occupation would be gone. Business of the journalists is to destroy the truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his country and race for his daily bread.

Do not take as gospel everything you read or hear in the media, especially on the subject of medical matters and treatments. Do your research and draw your own conclusions. Think smart and keep an open mind. Even the medical authorities will some day take alternative medicine more seriously.

-Dr.Fredda Branyon

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