Cancers and Ailments of the Reproductive System

Cancers and Ailments of The Reproductive System

Cancers and Ailments of the Reproductive SystemSterility has another name: infertility. The article I recently read by Francis Paterno from the Philippines is on the reproductive system. He also has his own website called He says this is the inability of either the male or the female to reproduce and might be caused by a lot of exposure to x-ray, dietary deficiencies, alcoholism or irregularity in the structure of the reproductive organs.

Tumors are often found in the uterus and can cause severe menstrual cramps and bleeding between a woman’s periods. Currently, the most usual treatment for cancer of the reproductive tract involves removal of the cancerous part. Women do have a more complicated reproductive system than men, making them reproductive prone to illnesses and mostly, cancer.

Some other types of reproductive cancers are:

Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer with the following risk factors:

1) This cancer increases with age and most risk of this attack is after age 75.

2) Family history.

3) Early menarche.

4) Late Menopause.

5) A diet high in fat and alcohol.

6) Late first childbirth after the age of 30.

Cervix Cancer is the second most common type of cancer with risk factors of:

  1. Women who are sexually active in early age (mid-teens or earlier).

  2. Women who have 3 or more sexual partners.

  3. Recently some subtypes of the human papilloma virus have been implicated.

  4. Genital herpes infection is also a risk and related to sexual activities.

    Uterus/Endometrial Cancer are least but deadly cancers with risk factors of:

  1. Use of estrogen hormone replacing therapy may cause it.

    Ovarian Cancer, however the exact cause is unknown. Risk factors are:

  1. Family history of cancer.

  2. Being over 55 year of age.

  3. Never having been pregnant.

There is some pain suffered by some girls during menstruation. This is called dysmenorrhea and may be caused by poor posture or constipation. There are exercises recommended for the girls who suffer from this. Sexually transmitted diseases include the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) who are vulnerable to serious illnesses. Refraining from premarital sexual relationships is the best way to avoid this illness.

I felt this article gave some good sound information and will hopefully help some women with being aware of the risk factors for each type of cancer they may be subjected to. Keep yourself safe during sex and possibly avoid one of these potentially deadly cancers.

 – Dr Fredda Branyon

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