Cancer Fighting Pineapple Enzyme

Relying on chemotherapy, conventional cancer treatment has proven a dismal failure in the United States. Chemotherapy is extremely toxic and works against your
body’s natural ability to fight cancer by destroying host immunity instead of supporting it. Healthy cells throughout your body are destroyed right along with the cancer cells that
often lead to faster death and not healing.

There are a handful of natural compounds that have been discovered that exhibit an effect called “selective cytotoxicity.” Meaning, they are able to kill cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells and tissue unharmed. This is the most intelligent way to treat cancer and will not result in the death of the patient from the chemo “collateral damage.”

One of the compounds is bromelain, which is an enzyme that is extracted from pineapple stems. The Planta Medica study research found that bromelain was superior to the chemo drug 5-florauacil in treating cancer. The property cytotoxicity is found only among natural compounds and no chemo drug has yet been capable of this effect. Other compounds that have been found to kill cancer cells without harming healthy ones include:

❖ Vitamin C
❖ Eggplant extract
❖ Turmeric (Curcumin Extract)

Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme that digests proteins. In the study it was injected directly into the abdominal cavity getting the enzymes from the digestive tract and into the bloodstream. Enzymes are susceptible to denaturing and must be helped to survive the highly acidic environment in the stomach. Through research it has been shown they can pass through your intestine intact and into the bloodstream and lymphatic system, where they can deliver their services to the rest of your body.

Some ways proteolytic enzymes can be helpful in the fight against cancer are:

❖ Boosting cytokines, particularly interferon and tumor necrosis factor, which are very important warriors in destroying cancer cells.
❖ Decreasing inflammation.
❖ Dissolving fibrin: Cancer cells hide under a cloak of fibrin to escape detection. Once unlocked they can be spotted and attacked by your immune system. Fibrin
also is thought to make cancer cells stick together which increases the chance for metastases.
❖ German studies have shown systemic enzymes increase the potency of
macrophages and killer cells 12-fold.

Search for alternative treatments to fight cancer and bypass those toxic chemotherapy treatments that can destroy your immune system and eventually take
your life.
–Dr Fredda Branyon