Calories Restriction Stops Cancer Growth


Fast food and cheap food is at every intersection and microwavable meals and food hotspots are all things that were absent in our ancient ancestors’ lifestyles. Our eating habits and the foods we choose are often driven by convenience.

By fasting, our calorie restriction is a practice that leaves us with an intrinsic genetic way of eating that ensures our optimal health and wellbeing. There are numerous forms of fasting with many health benefits that ultimately stave off cancer growth. All are achieved through conserving energy, improving insulin sensitivity, managing immunity and limiting inflammatory damage by upregulating a cellular process known as autophagy.

Here are 4 ways calorie restriction helps the body heal and repair:

  • Energy Conservation in the body. The energy in our body is used for different purposes including kinetics as physical movement, immunity, cognitive thinking, digestion, etc. Some people eat small meals throughout the day to offer a steady supply of nutrients for metabolism and energy. This provides the body with a continual food that diverts energy away from other critical life functions and conserves energy for other bodily functions.
  • Fasting Increases Immune Regulation. Improved regulation of the immune system is triggered by fasting. Drink lots of water and cleansing beverages as apple cider vinegar and herbal tea to flush harmful microbes and pathogens from the gut to improve the digestive system.
  • Autophagy Protects the Body. This is a natural occurrence in the body and involves the breakdown of damaged, old or abnormally developing cells so that their energy can be recycle for normal, healthy processes
    Fasting Improves Insulin Sensitivity. Cancer cells have up to 70 times more insulin receptors, unlike normal cells. The cancer cells depend on anaerobic metabolism of sugar for energy. Using intermittent fasting deprives cancer cells of required fuel, therefore compromising their ability to cause free radical damage species or ROS.

To begin fasting you might choose one of these five routines.

  • Simple Fast: Basic water for 12 hours between dinner and breakfast.
  • Cycle Fast: 3 times each week, fast for 16 hours by skipping either breakfast or dinner.
  • Strong Fast: Consume all food in 6-8 hour window each day. Eat 2 meals per day and fast through breakfast or dinner.
  • Warrior Fast: Consume all food in 3-5 hours each day.
  • 1-Day Food Fast: 24 hours each week with only water, green powders and herbal tea.

The state of ketosis has been found to be an effective therapy to change the abnormal metabolism associated with cancer growth. By giving your body 12 hours between dinner and breakfast every single day it would allow 4 hours for complete digestion and 8 hours for the liver to complete its detoxification cycle. Try it. Why not do something to fight off those cancer cells?

– Dr Fredda Branyon

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