Buying Supplements

Buying Supplements


It is very important to choose your supplements and vitamins with as much care as if you were choosing a major investment. In a way that is exactly what you are doing when you are buying your everyday vitamins. Buying inexpensive vitamins and supplements may only result in getting poor quality which can actually harm your health instead of helping.The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate herbal supplements as drugs or as food, but by calling them dietary supplements. Manufacturers do not have to attain FDA approval before putting the supplement on the market but once the supplement is on the market, it is the FDA’s responsibility for monitoring the products safety.

The FDA requires that certain information be on each label. You should see:

  • The name of the supplement
  • The manufacturer or distributors name and address
  • A complete list of active ingredients including “other ingredients”
  • The amount in the bottle and serving size.

Beware of what you buy from the internet! There are professional patients or people who make claims that this one product cured them of their disease. Buy the name professional patient or people, I mean that they are paid to make statements that possibly are not true. Marketing comes in many forms.

When buying your supplements, always read what are in “other ingredients.” This usually appears at the bottom of the bottle. The ideal supplement to buy is one that only contains a vegetable capsule. I will address “other ingredients” in another article to come.

If you are battling a disease or just trying to stay healthy, I would advise you to seek one of the many US Naturopathic doctors for advice. They have been trained in the difference from good quality supplements to ones that are filled with binders and fillers.


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