Body Parts That Reveal Age

I recently read an article by Shelley Emling that gives us hints on what body parts reveal our age first. We all want to age gracefully and not look older than we really are. Our skin thins and is less elastic than when we were younger. Then come the wrinkles, age spots, and skin tags! We can, however, promote healthier skin by bathing in warm water as opposed to hot water. Sunscreen should be used and smoking eliminated. Even with all the precautions put into place, there are just some parts of our body that betray our age no matter what we do. We usually think the neck, hands, and face are the ones that telltale, but there are others as well. The following are the 6 main clues of aging.

Hands. Our hands are exposed to the elements with sun damage being the biggest culprit. Keep those hands well moisturized, especially overnight. Hands start looking older in our 20’s but we don’t normally recognize it until the ’30s or ’40s.

Face. There are ways to lighten your dark spots and brighten your skin tone. Add a brightening serum to your regimen and eat a diet that’s good for your skin. Being thin can actually work to our disadvantage as losing 10 pounds has been known to age a woman by 4 years!

Eyelids. This is a biggie! The eyelids stretch and the muscles grow weaker, leading to a surplus of fat above and below the eyelids. This creates “bags” under our eyes. There are a few things we can do to help, short of surgery, which may be necessary if it impedes your vision.

Neck. Oh, those turkey necks! It seems that our body parts seem to age 10 years overnight. The skin is thinner than that on our face and shows aging quickly. Use the same products that are used on the face. Wear a nice scarf or pretty blush to draw attention away from the neck.

Elbows. The only thing you can do it try using a moisturizer or cream in addition to wearing long-sleeved shirts. Believe me, you aren’t alone! The sun, stress, smoking, lack of liquids and loss of sweat and oil glands are part of the problem.

Hair. Of course, the graying is evident but it’s a shock when the thinning hair starts to appear. It will also become dry and brittle. Add moisture to your hair with certain oils and try some good old TLC by scrapping harsh chemicals and try instead of the protein-rich hair treatment instead.

But what about that sagging skin under the upper arms? That one really gets me. Maybe that happens at a little later stage when we don’t think so much about aging. Don’t worry! We’re all in the same boat. As the old quote says, “Aging is better than the alternative!” Make the most of aging and just enjoy life! After all, haven’t we earned it?

Dr Fredda Branyon