Big Pharma’s in an uproar!

President Trump has big pharma in an uproar by his remark that they are getting away with murder. He states he is going to do something about the high drug prices with more competitive bidding for federal contracts. This sent the drug stocks into a sudden nosedive.

Trump has asked Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to chair a commission on vaccine safety and scientific integrity. Even though the transition team has denied a decision has been made on such a commission, the drug industry is in speculation as to what impact this might have on vaccine uptake and their sales.

The majority of articles written by professional journalists claim the science on vaccines are settled and vaccines are safe. End of story! Why would any of these self-respecting professionals even want their names associated with this view?

There are currently no long-term studies that compare the differences in health outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated populations. Of course the pharmaceutical and medical trade industries claim that a vaccine’s benefits always outweigh the potential harms, but there is no scientific evidence provided to back up these claims and it is really little more than opinion.

The fact is the often repeated mantra that vaccines are safe and there is nothing to worry about, is a case of thinking that if a falsehood is repeated over and over again, and long enough, people will believe it’s true. Why should they be so terrified on an honest vaccine safety review? Aren’t they raising serious questions? We should have the right to question the unproven hypothesis that vaccines are so unequivocally safe and beneficial for everyone that they are forced by law to get vaccinated with every government-recommended vaccine.

Daniel Neides, a Cleveland Clinic physician and director of the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute is one of the latest victims. He writes a monthly column for, a publication that is part of the Sun News organization that also publishes the Cleveland Plain Dealer. He expressed his concerns about the ever-growing toxic burden that humans face and his disappointing experience with the annual flu shot, which left him bedridden for two days. He said,

“Why do I mention autism now twice in this article. Because we have to wake up out of our trance and stop following bad advice. Does the vaccine burden—as has been debated for years—cause autism? I don’t know and will not debate that here.”

He feels that newborns without intact immune systems and detoxification systems are being over-burdened with preservatives and adjuvants in the vaccines. Of course, this ignited a media firestorm and caused the Cleveland Clinic to issue a statement saying Neides would face disciplinary action for his comments. Whatever happened to our freedom of speech?

Even a celebrity, Robert De Niro, has gone public questioning vaccine safety and the reported link between vaccines and autism. He has also been attacked by the media as being uninformed and promoting dangerous ideas.

Most pediatricians will tell you they’ve never seen a vaccine reaction, but when a child suffers a reaction, they usually end up in the emergency room and not the doctor’s office. In 2015 an ER nurse and former police officer shared their experiences with vaccine reactions, noting they’ve seen the cover-up first hand regarding vaccines.

There were 6 healthcare workers fired from a hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, for refusing the annual flu vaccine but reinstated with back pay. Hospitals firing workers for refusing influenza vaccinations appears to be a strategy designed to receive higher Medicare reimbursements. Hospitals that have higher vaccination rates for patients and health care workers get higher Medicare reimbursement rates, but there are no legally mandated vaccinations for adults, except for those entering military service. Vaccinating hospital workers has no impact on patient safety.

Isn’t it about time the big pharma is getting shook up a bit? I think it’s about time to get someone in government to take charge of the true safety issues for all of us.

Dr Fredda Branyon