Benefits of Natural Medicine

Benefits of Natural Medicine

Benefits of Natural MedicineNatural medicine has been practiced for centuries and before the beginning of modern technology.  Doctors and their patients had to rely on the natural techniques and herbal remedies in order to treat illnesses or heal injuries.  Conditions such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease have been reported to be successfully treated without the use of modern-day medical equipment and drugs.

The blatant dominance of modern medicine in Western society and its widespread popularity, has lent much criticism for being backwards and unreliable.  In actuality, the majority of medical students know just as much about herbal drugs as the general public.

Our current healthcare system is structured so that natural remedies are widely perceived as being inferior or something that people only use when they cannot afford modern medicine.  Many instances have been reported and a wealth of substantive data that prove exactly the opposite.

Going against the grain is not always a bad thing and more people need to realize that.

Using those synthetic drugs is an unhealthy choice and should be refused.   If more people were aware of the benefits of natural medicine it would increase the number of people using these resources.  Herbal extracts from plants have been used for illnesses long before people were given prescription drugs.

Here are some considerations why you should use natural medicine:

  • There are much less harmful side effects.  Often the pharmaceutical drugs will cause adverse reactions in the patients that take them and even worse yet, the companies that manufacture these drugs quite often do so without being aware of them.
  • Herbal medicine utilizes the body’s natural healing process for treating conditions and the ingredients are those that are regularly produced in the body.
  • Modern medicine is extremely costly, so natural medicine is very cost-effective.  Even generic pharmaceutical drugs can cost hundreds of dollars.  That trip to the emergency room for things like just a headache can cost this much money or more.  Herbal drugs can be bought over the counter and you won’t need that expensive health or drug insurance with high co-pay or deductible.
  • Natural medicine is understood to increase the body’s own ability to ward off diseases and increase immunity.  It will help you gain an overall healthier state of being and can easily be achieved with continued treatment.

Give yourself a new hobby and research all you can about natural medicine. Why spend all that money on one visit to the hospital if you have all the natural remedies at your fingertips?  Do your research and save yourself some money, and maybe even discomfort and harm from toxic drugs. However, remember, emergency medicine is always needed for certain problems. Get to know your doctor and ask if he or she is interested in helping you with good old fashion remedies that may help prevent illness.

-Dr Fredda Branyon

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