Who Do You Believe? – Follow the Money Trail # 13

img c/o pixabay In the final article of The War Between Orthodox Medicine and Alternative Medicine, we want to stress the importance of who you believe and that all you have to do is follow the money.  

Taking alternative treatments for your cancer is not something that most people in America would consider because the orthodox medical establishment has total control over everything a typical person hears in their life. The establishment has crushed the Linus Pauling heart disease prevention program.

America no longer has “freedom of speech” because only one side is allowed to speak on TV or radio because they own the stations.  

No provision was made in the Constitution to force the mass media to present both sides of the issues.  An example of potent blacklisting is that what you know is controlled totally by large, corrupt corporations that do extensive advertising.

General Electric manufactures medical equipment, which is very expensive.  They own NBC which controls (1) 9 TV stations, (2) 25% or more of CNBC, CourtTV, Bravo, MSNBC, A&E and The History Channel, (3) The Today Show, Meet the Press, Dateline NBC and NBC News with Tom Brokaw.  Now we know why we don’t hear anything positive about alternative treatments for cancer or alternative heart disease prevention programs.

  • Since the 1920’s medical progress in curing cancer has come to a virtual dead end because chemo and radiation treatments are so profitable.
  • The most important concept in chemotherapy is the concept of remission, response, tumor markers, etc. which are meaningless terms.
  • Another deception tactic of orthodox medicine is “cure rates”.  Instead of using length of life since diagnosis, orthodox medicine uses a meaningless statistic based on the percentage of people who live for 5 years between diagnosis and death.
  • Chemo drugs are evaluated by the FDA based on tumor size reduction.
  • A person would probably live longer with a far higher quality of life if they took no orthodox treatments for cancer.
  • Chemotherapy usually does far more harm to a patient than good.
  • Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation are hidden behind a maze of sophisticated false and misleading statistics.
  • Cancer research is largely a fraud.
  • Many patients would live longer by possibly taking Vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals and avoid orthodox treatments.
  • Yet Vitamin C therapy is not one of the “top 100” alternative treatments for cancer.
  • Bogus scientific studies discredit valid studies of tens of thousands of patients cured of cancer with alternative treatments.
  • The media has different techniques they routinely use to brainwash the public.
  • The job of FDA, NIH, and NCI is to suppress the truth about alternative cancer treatments.
  • The reason for the FDA is to suppress the truth of alternative medicine in order to continue to suppress the availability of alternative substances.
  • Congress, whose job is to protect Americans, are inept and looking the other way.
  • The media provides a lot of misinformation and Internet has misinformation about alternative treatments.
  • Scientific evidence for alternative treatments for cancer is overwhelmingly superior to those for orthodox medicine.
  • The medical establishment tries to suppress the tens of thousands of testimonials of cured cancer people by alternative medicine.

We have all been sold a “bill of goods” whereas the public believes that alternative treatments do not work.  This war is different because the tyrants hide their real intentions.  A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious, but it cannot survive treason from within.

img c/o pixabay

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