Balding, It’s Not Just For Men!

Balding, It’s Not Just For Men!

Twenty five million of women are waking up daily to realize they are losing their hair. Hair can come out in clumps or simply as though you are shedding like a dog losing it’s winter coat.

I recently saw an interview by a hair specialist, Marina Pizarro, M.D. Dr Pizarro explained that stress is one of the top reasons for hair loss (called Telogen Effluvium). T.E. is the second most common type of hair loss that dermatologist see. It appears to be a diffuse thinning of hair on the scalp. Most often, the top of the head thins more than the sides or back of the head. There is usually no hairline recession.

Everyone sheds hair at a certain time of the year. Studies have shown that humans, at least the ones in Northern Europe further away from the equator, shed more hair during fall and lesser shedding during spring. It is felt that this temporary increase in the number of follicles and shedding is probably due to changes in hormones in response to changes in daily sunlight exposure.

One of the strongest stress related hair loss reason for women turns out to be marital problems or the death of a spouse. Other reasons could be from having major surgery, a drastic diet or major diet change, and excessive hair styling. Dr Pizarro mentioned that taking certain medications such as Beta Blockers, Antidepressants, Non-steroidal drugs, and Anti-Inflammatory drugs may cause hair thinning due to certain side effects. Not all side effects are always listed.

The Cleveland Clinic did a study and they found that thirty percent of middle aged Black women are balding due to everything from
chemicals to tight braids and ponytails.

Forty percent of women with hair loss are under the age of 40 because women with genetic hair loss tend to see thinning as early as age 20.

Dr Pizarro said that if you can find the cause of the hair thinning, it is easily treatable.

Here are a few things to consider:

* Biotin 5 mg / daily

* Iron 18 mg / daily

* Hormone replacement therapy

* Minoxidil (Rogaine). Dr Pizarro mentioned that Rogaine works better for women than it does for men. I would just caution you to be careful and watch your liver enzymes if you choose to use this product.

To prevent hair breakage and thinning, set your hair dryer on the low setting. Styling tools should never go above 347 degree F. Try not to heat your hair no more than 2 to 3 times a week. Use ammonia free products and avoid styles that pulls on hair.



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