Baby Boomers: The Reinvention Generation

Baby Boomers: The Reinvention Generation
According to the United States Census Bureau, Baby Boomers are people who were born between 1946 and 1964. This currently makes all of us in our 40’s, 50’s and 60’s and no longer known as a young adult. We may be labeled now as an adult or senior citizen. Most Baby Boomers may feel they are in their early 40’s, but they know the truth that they are not the same person as they were at that age.

I feel that most Baby Boomers are becoming more focused on “being someone they know” rather than being someone for others. We have seen black and white TV turn into color. We have seen large table top computers turn into hand held devices that weigh less than 4 pounds and the information can travel instantly around the world in seconds. We have seen cell phones go from being in a bag (bag phones) to fitting into a small pocket. Who would have dreamed you could turn on your computer and talk face to face to someone across the world (Skype). We have lived a life much greater than most generations because never in the history of the world has technology changed as much as it has in the last 40 years! How lucky have we been!

Along with our lifetime of knowledge and wisdom comes more questions and concerns as we get older. In todays economy, it is becoming more worrisome as to what is happening with Medicare changes, the economic changes, health problems, Social Security problems, and many other concerns.

Many Baby Boomers have lost part or all of their savings after this last Wall Street downward spiral. It seems we may not be able to depend on the current programs like Medicare and Social Security to continue to be fiscally viable. Unless altered soon, these programs will not be able to survive the next 6 years in their current state. However, once the alteration takes place, will there be enough of the program left to truly help us out?

Most of us Baby Boomers do not feel we are “over the hill” or ready for the “grim reaper.” We aren’t looking for the Fountain of Youth but we are looking for the “Fountains of Vitality and Survival.”


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