Are you struggling with hunger?

Are you struggling with hunger?

A couple of months ago while driving home from work, I was trying to get something good to listen to on the radio. I came across a conversation by Glenn Beck.  He stated that one in every six Americans struggle with hunger. I had never realized those numbers were so high. After getting on the internet, it makes my heart cry that I never thought about the children here in our country who go hungry right here in the US that have hunger pains.

Our media coverage shows us the starving children in other countries like Africa. We all grew up with our mother saying things like “Eat your peas. There are starving children in Africa that would love those peas.” Didn’t you just hate hearing that?

Well, listen no more to just what you hear about Africa and other countries. Yes, there is great need there however lets not forget our own. According to a US Census Bureau report, it estimated the population of the United States on April 1, 2010 was 308,745,538 residents.

With the fallen economy this number ( one in every six) could get worse. Please take the time and check on your neighbor. Sometimes when things get tough we are not always willing to ask for help, but when someone shows compassion, its the universal act of love and all understands. We all need help sometime.

If you are hungry with children please let us know and what state you are in. All names will be held in strict confidence.

America, lets find our compassion again.


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