Are You Compromising Your Kidneys?

Are You Compromising Your Kidneys?

Are You Compromising Your Kidneys?

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Every diet needs protein as it is essential in a healthy diet, but those high-protein diets can overtax your kidneys if they don’t work normally. Those in that category need to eat small portions of different types of proteins as eggs, fish, beans and nuts. These are all good sources.

Eating too much salt can raise the amount of protein in your urine and speed up the decline of your kidneys. This can also lead to kidney stones that can cause you nausea, severe pain and even trouble peeing.

Stay away from smoking. This will not only worsen that high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, which are the two leading causes of kidney disease, but will also interfere with medicines that are used to treat them. The blood flow to the kidneys is slowed and can cause kidney problems in those who already have kidney disease.

Men having more than 14 drinks of alcohol a week and women more than 7, actually double their risk of kidney disease. Going on a binge of more than 4 or 5 drinks in less than 2 hours can sometimes cause acute kidney injury that will lead to severe kidney damage. If this happens, you might need dialysis to help your kidneys do their work.

Drinking 2 or more sodas a day and you are more likely to get kidney disease. There has been one study where women drank diet soda and had 30% kidney function after 20 years compared with other women. Those drinks that are sugar sweetened did not have the same effect.

Water is needed to keep your kidneys working properly. You can get kidney damage by drinking too little of it. There is evidence that drinking water can lower your chances of getting kidney disease. Keep hydrated with good old water!

Taking large amounts of over-the-counter pain medications (acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen) can also damage your kidneys. See your medical professional about what and how much you are taking to see if he might have another option.

Of course, those illegal drugs (cocaine, heroine, methamphetamine) are not good for a whole bunch of reasons and can also damage those kidneys in different ways. Taking these drugs can lead to high blood pressure, which is one of the leading causes of kidney disease.

Be aware of what your food intake is and protect your health, not only for your kidneys but a whole host of other ailments as well. Eat sensibly, exercise and enjoy your “healthy” life!

– Dr Fredda Branyon

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