Antibiotics and Hormones in Our Meats

I have a close friend who is a plastic surgeon in Mexico. One day we were sitting and talking about life and work when he began to tell me what was in his heart. He stated that he was really worried about the youth in the United States. He explained to me that he had been seeing more and more teenage boys coming to him from the United States because they were needing surgical excision of their breast tissue. This surgery is considered cosmetic surgery because there is no known disease associated with the growth of their breast and most teenage boys are not covered for breast augmentation. He was seeing them because the surgery cost are about 1/10th the price as in the US.

He stated that he believed that it was all the hormones they were putting in the meats now. If you think about it, our young girls have blossomed in ways as never before. The average year to start the mensuration cycle used to be around 13 years old. Now the young girls are starting around the age of 8. All women who have ever been to the gynecologist office will tell you, the number one question that is asked on every entry form is, “what age did you start your menstrual cycle?” There is a reason for that. There is a correlation between how early or how late a female starts her period and cancer.

It is common knowledge that the antibiotics that once were so powerful are not doing the job as before. Researchers are frantically trying to discover new drugs to take the place of what we have become immune to.

On January 1, 1989 the European Economic Community (EEC) placed a ban on hormone and antibiotic treated meat from the United States. No US meat may be sold in any European states.

Think for yourself and decide if you feel the need to buy organic meats or not. My job is to give you enough information to help you to decide to investigate it yourself.


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