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An Easier Way to Lose Weight

An Easier Way to Lose Weight
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Any of you who really know me, know I will be the first to say, “ I do not like to exercise.” I have been to medical school, I know better! I tend to make up all kinds of excuses as to why I can’t do it… I have to work too late, I’m too tired, I don’t have time, and so on. Does this sound like you? Well, I may have found a better way for us.

Recently I saw my daughter in law, Kathy.  She looked great! She had lost weight, toned up, and seemed much happier with herself. She was glowing with more self-confidence and poise. Of course I was impressed and had to know her secret. I wanted what she had.

To my amazement, what she told me seemed simple. First and foremost, she wasn’t dieting, just trying to eat healthier. She limited her ice cream to smaller helpings and less frequently. But I think the key for her was a rebounder. She explained to me how she would use it for 30 minutes a day while she watched the news on TV. She explained how watching TV kept her mind off of exercising and just getting the event done. Well, it definitely did the job! She looks fantastic.

Rebounding is a form of exercise done on a trampoline or a mini trampoline. Ok, so I figured if she could do it, I would try too. I purchased a rebounder for $38.00. You can pay less or a lot more money. Since I wasn’t sure I would actually do it, I bought the least expensive I could find in my area. I took it home and wouldn’t you know it, I had to put it together! What an ordeal but I did it.

I looked up on the internet the great benefits of rebounding. It can be great for weight loss. Did you know that NASA says rebounding is the most effective exercise ever devised by man? I also learned that if a person who weighs 150 pounds jogged for 12 minutes at 5 miles per hour they would roughly burn 71 calories. If that same 150 pound person bounced on the rebounder for 12 minutes, they would roughly burn 82 calories. That’s 15 percent more effective than jogging! Twenty minutes of rebounding equals 3 miles of jogging. And you can do it right in front of the TV.

Remember I said I had put it together? Well, it sat in my bed room under the bed for another 2 weeks. I know, shame on me. Remember though, I work late and have too much to do (my excuses). Three days ago, something came over me (must have been from outer space), and I got the urge to get on the rebounder. I only lasted for 10 minutes on it. Then the next day I remembered how Kathy said rebound in front of the TV so your mind wont me on “woe is me, I hate to exercise”.

The second day I watched CNN news and lasted 16 minutes. The third day I lasted 30 minutes. As long as I was not thinking about what I was doing, I was ok and I was amazed how fast time seems to pass.

Well as of today, I have lost 3 pounds. I know, you are probably thinking “that’s not much”. But for only 3 days, I’m happy. For me, it’s a start. I have a hard time losing the first pound so I am happy. I need to lose at least 10 pounds and I feel I am on my way.

There is a lot on the internet that talks about the benefits of the rebounder for health issues. It’s great for many issues and helps to keep one healthy.

Thanks Kathy! I love you.

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