Age-old Benefits of Black Cumin

The oil of black cumin has been used for centuries to treat cancerous tumors. A couple of studies from China and Saudi Arabia in 2011 found the oil has been used for hundreds of years to treat cancer. This confirms its cancer-fighting properties, as well as black cumin oil, can be effective in the treatment of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, kidney problems, and many other conditions.

It is not understood yet the mechanisms behind the oil’s cancer-fighting qualities, but some studies show that thymoquinone has a powerful antioxidant action that reinforces the immune system. It has also been shown that the seed’s oil induces apoptosis in cancer cells without compromising the body’s immunity and the oil seems to control the Akt pathway that helps to maintain cellular survival.

Modern traditional medicine has yet to catch up to these amazing qualities, choosing instead expensive, painful cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy, which have low success rates. It has been noted by Healthy Food Place that the effects of this combination have been examined by Egyptian scientists on oxidative stress and cancer through the use of rats being exposed to a strong carcinogen. It appears as though most of the research into the health benefits of black cumin seed is being done outside of Western labs.

In 2014 a Turkish study attempted to learn how the oil helps people who opted instead for radiation and the researchers discovered that many of the patients examined experienced severe side effects during and after the treatment. Scientists studied the effect of the oil on irradiated rats where the first group received 1 grain of the oil before radiation and a 10-grain dose for 10 more days. Another group was given the only saline. The control group was not irradiated. Results showed that black cumin seed oil reduces the oxidative stress marker, having potent antioxidant effects and the oil actually protected the rodents from the harmful radiation effects.

India conducted a study in 2012 and explored the effects of the oil in mice that were exposed to gamma radiation. It also found the black cumin seed oil has positive effects against damage caused by irradiation and biochemical alterations.

Research finds that combining black cumin seed with honey gives incredible protection against carcinogenic elements, such as radiation and more. There is evidence that black cumin seed retards the growth of cancerous cells and is very effective in the treatment of cancerous conditions. Black cumin seed oil and its extract appear to be very effective at battling liver cancer, melanoma, lymphoma, cervical cancer, pancreatic, bone, breast, stomach prostate, colon and brain cancers, as reported by Healthy Food Place.

Please! Speak to your doctor or health care provider before using any black cumin in order to be sure it is appropriate for your case.

Dr Fredda Branyon