A Good News Day

A Good News Day


I had a wonderful experience a couple of days ago that I would like to share with you. Some of you may think my news doesn’t seem like much but it made my heart jump up and down for joy. This website or blog that I write has become my hobby. When I was asked to start writing it, I had every excuse in the world not to. My most important excuse and is still a great concern for me is that I am in no way a writer. My grammar and English is certainly far from being perfect. I am amazed that some of you reading this has become regulars. I thank you and I hope I can fulfill the job of educating you the way you would like.I have created this hobby as one which will help educate and give hope to the public. I try to keep up with the latest news on medical devices, treatment plans, whats happening in the world with medicine, and much more. It seems like so much in medicine is stagnant and our wonderful country is at war with itself. Its almost painful to turn the news on because you hear nothing positive.

The other day I was sitting in a small airport waiting on an “Angel Flight” to bring in a new patient. The flight had been delayed so I had some time to wait. While waiting, I overheard a conversation between some of the airport employees. I didn’t mean to ease-drop but where I was sitting I could clearly hear every word.

A male employee walked up to the front desk and asked where a certain man had been. He explained that he had missed him and had not seen or heard from him in about a month. The female employee explained to him that the man was a pilot for a private company and he had not been around because he retired last month.

The male employee started explaining how he missed seeing him because he had been such a kind wonderful person to him. He expressed that whenever this man walked in, he always brought with him a wonderful feeling that he left with everyone at no charge. The man was kind and never asked for anything. He went on to say how he wished he could be like that man.

I sat there listening to their kind words about this man and things came to my mind such as, I wish I had known this man,and, it’s great to hear people talk good about someone instead of negative. In todays society, I hardly ever hear people talk good or praise people. Sometimes it seems one works so hard trying to please everyone and help everyone, and it goes unnoticed. Sometimes one can go to bed at night so tired because they have tried to help those who seemingly can’t help themselves. We are so quick to judge each other without knowing the facts.

It felt wonderful to hear someone praise someone just because they lit up their life when they came around. This made me think that if we all tried to make it a habit to talk good about as many people as we can, what a better world this could become. It only takes one to get it started. I heard that it only takes one person to change the world, and I challenge you to join me in trying to spread good words around. As we all have heard before, “the tongue is like a two edged sword.” Our words can harm one deeply or it can uplift many.

We never know who we touch. This airport employee touched my heart with a wonderful life lesson.

Later that same day, I received noticed that one of our stage 4 breast cancer patients had gone into remission. What a wonderful day that was! Now do you understand why I wanted to share this day with you? It was all about good news, not bad news.