A Gift of Memories


Why not give your mom something memorable for this Mother’s Day?  This gift would involve an experience, thoughtfully created by you, that can stay in her mind and heart for years to come.

I have listed several things that could make that special experience happen.

  • Create a special memory and plan something your mom loves to do, and do it with her.  Maybe schedule a meal that she doesn’t have to cook or do any cleaning for.  Try that local museum you’ve been putting off or try antiquing.  Even a spa for a massage or pedicure that you can do together.  Just renting a movie to watch together with some shared popcorn or a walk in the park where you can spend some quality time.
  • Writing a heartfelt letter expressing what she means to you is always something special for her to hold on to.
  • How about just giving her a day of her own to spend as she wants!  Take over her housecleaning, errands, cooking and so on to free her up to spend the time on herself.
  • Get the siblings all together and arrange for a professional photo for her children and grandchildren.  Maybe even make a photo album for her of all those special times when you were children or of a special event.
  • If she enjoys gardening help her plan a small garden or even just to plant that special flower or plant.  It’s still quality time together and she will keep that memory of your day together.  Try giving the gift of flower seeds, flower book, new gloves and maybe some new plants.
  • If you have lost your mother, this is a difficult day but you can still celebrate Mother’s Day with a tribute to your mom.  Honor her with special flowers, light a candle, or frame a photo of the two of you.  You can even volunteer for a charitable organization or visit that local nursing home.  There are always mothers there without their children.
  • If your mom had special traditions with her own mom, consider carrying those on together and passing them down to your own kids.  This is always a special way to connect across the miles and carry history into the present day.
  • If your mom has favorite songs or music genres, put them together on one flash drive to play in her car wherever she goes.  This gift can last forever and available especially when she needs it most.
  • If she enjoys exercise try going to the gym or health club together.  Perhaps setting up a weekly time to meet and workout will work wonders for both of you.  This a gift of health and quality time together that you can enjoy.
  • Making a video portraying how much she means to you will greatly be appreciated.
  • Try getting all your siblings together to honor your mom on video and add clips and tunes from your phone to make it a special video montage.  This memory she can watch over and over whenever she feels the need.

There are so many special things that you can do to make that day great for your mom.  Every mom is going to enjoy different things and you should be an expert for creating that which will best suit your mom.  Just be sure that you have created that special day to honor her for all she has done for you and your siblings over the years.

Dr Fredda Branyon