A Gift of Health


What better way to show your love on mother’s day than to give a gift of health?  Harvard Health Publishing offers some suggestions for services and gadgets for gift giving on mother’s day.

Purchasing some items that your mom would never buy for herself, would most likely be an excellent gift for mother’s day.  Some suggestions are:

    • Health club memberships promote year-round health for your mom.  Perhaps a personal trainer through an organization such as the American Council on Exercise (ACE) would be very helpful and appreciated by your mom.
    • Gadgets like a fitness monitor to help track everything from heart rate to the number of steps walked per day might be helpful.  Helping mom to stick to her medication regimen might be made easier by giving her an automatic pill dispenser.  This is especially useful for someone taking several pills daily.
    • Workout equipment is an excellent gift for a mom who likes to exercise at home.  Even giving a yoga mat or exercise clothes with fibers that repel moisture.
    • Give the gift of an exercise class that you can also attend with mom.  Having company gives you a common goal for yoga, tai chi or even ballroom dancing.
    • The gift of knowledge is always a valuable gift.  Perhaps a newsletter or special health report.  These contain reports on dozens of topics and offer insight and advice for improving your health, gaining better balance, boosting energy and losing weight.

Consider your mother’s interests while taking into consideration any previous injuries, surgeries and medical conditions or limitations when selecting that unique and thoughtful gift.  Make this something your mother will cherish as it is most likely something she would not buy for herself.

This is just another way of telling her how much you love and care for her.  Of course, a nice bottle of bath crystals also goes a long way in letting her know how you feel.  Mother’s Day is a special time to let that special person in your life know exactly how much you appreciate all she’s done for you all your life and just how much you love her.

Dr Fredda Branyon

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