5 Ways to Help Ease Stress When Working from Home

With the current situation affecting people across the country, many of us have begun living in a remote setup for work. There are certainly perks from being able to still work in the comfort of your own home, but there are a new set of challenges that come along with it. Don’t let the stress caused by this sudden shift overwhelm you. Here are 5 ways that you can help ease the stress in a remote work environment,

  • Have a designated station for Work

Work and home should be two separate entities in your life to grant you peace of mind. Unfortunately, when you work from the confines of your home, the line between them is a lot thinner. 

To help keep that separation, find a place in your home that you can call your space for work and work alone. That way, you have somewhere you can focus on and leave behind when you clock out. If you live with others, having a separate space lets them know that you’re working whenever you’re there. Just make sure that it’s not in the middle of a common area.

  • Take Short Breaks in Between Tasks

Experts suggest taking breaks every 75 and 90 minutes can maximize productivity, ease the mind, and retain information better. Breaks can also help alleviate the tension that could cause burnout. A 15-minute breather will do just fine to get you ready for more tasks ahead.

  • Talk to Coworkers Online

One of the perks of being in an office is being surrounded by people who may share the same problems as you or can level with you in a way your loved ones can’t. Don’t just chat or schedule calls to coworkers when you need something or if it’s required. Have the conversations you used to have in the office. 

  • Go For a Safe Walk

Walking is a calm and relaxing exercise that can help cut tensions as well as get you active. It’s important to keep moving in remote setups to keep your body’s energy flowing with your mind relaxed, and your body stimulated. A walk around the neighborhood also gives you a good change of scenery apart from home. Just don’t forget to put on your mask and keep proper distancing.

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  • Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself  

This situation came out of nowhere, so you can’t force yourself to work in the times that the stress feels overwhelming. You do not need to pressure yourself to be more productive, and you cannot feel bad for taking breaks. Work at a steady pace and learn to step away from the office once it’s time to clock out. If you’ve lost focus here and there, start stretching, cook a home meal, or simply take a breather and refocus when you have a clear mind. These are certainly unusual times, so simply being able to manage your stress is a feat in itself that you should be happy that you’re able to do.