5 Health Questions on Yahoo Answers That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

5 Health Questions on Yahoo Answers That Will Leave You Scratching Your Head
If you want to see some funnies from yahoo answers, this is the article to read.

Yahoo has provided us a channel where we can ask any question in different categories and in a few minutes you could get an answer. But sometimes life really gives us surprises and we may find some questions that will make you wonder, “who in the world would ask such a thing?”. Questions that would definitely make you smile, frown, furrow your brow or maybe completely leave Yahoo Answers because of annoyance. Here are 5 questions we got from Yahoo! Answers and we can’t help but to share it to all just for fun.


Question 1

This question might be created by a student who doesn’t want to come to school and skip his/her class. It doesn’t mean that if you have social anxiety, walking away and pretending to be sick would be the answer. You’ll have to deal your whole life facing people, small or big numbers.


2.Question 2

 I really think this guy misunderstood what his friend said. I mean, how on Earth would you even position yourself sleeping like a bat? Your body won’t even last 2-3 hours being on an upside down position or your blood will go to your brain and will lose oxygen that’s needed by your brain. The next thing you know, either you’re in coma or an untimely ending (you know what that means!). If you have a bleeding nose before going to sleep, you could just lay down. No need to go upside down and then go to sleep. Just lay down and wait for the bleeding to stop. Put a towel soaked in cold water then let it lay on your forehead for a few minutes until your nose stops bleeding. If it doesn’t stop, then don’t go to sleep yet and seek for medical attention. Usually laying down does the trick, so no need to rush to sleeping upside down for your nose to stop bleeding.

 3.Question 3

 Well, sanitizers makes your hands clean, so why not just drink it instead? Or maybe not. Of course sanitizers are made for external use only and not for ingestion. I’d be really sure that instead of getting clean, you might end up in the hospital after drinking a bottle of sanitizer. There are many ways of getting a clean inside and drinking sanitizer is not one of them. It wouldn’t clean your throat or even your stomach or intestines. Regular bowel movement does the cleaning of that part. Besides, you won’t even like the taste of sanitizers even the ones that smell fruity.

4.Question 4

 Since when did eating vegetables make a person turn yellow? No matter how many you eat, it will never be the cause of you getting a yellow(ish) complexion. Possible cause might be typhoid fever, jaundice, hepatitis (not one of these diseases was caused by eating too many carrots). Carrots would actually help you get more Vitamin A, mostly helping our eyes and skin complexion to get a glowing (but never yellowish) tone. So, you could still eat a lot of carrots via different ways of cooking. Besides, you never saw a yellow Bugs Bunny, have you?


Question 5


Just how can one respond politely and appropriately to this question to this question. Of course something bad would happen with you. Loss of oxygen from breathing would affect a lot of the functions of organs like your brain, lungs, and especially your heart. Breathing is really an important activity of the human body so why would you want to interfere? Loss of oxygen for a few minutes may cause unconsciousness, or even loss of body parts function.


You may find other amusing questions on the Yahoo! Answers that would definitely make you scratch your head. Let’s just look on the positive side that these questions were only made for fun so don’t take them seriously!