Ten Unhealthy Breakfast Options

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A healthy breakfast can set the tone for nutritious choices all day long. Consider these not-so-healthy breakfast foods sabotage. Low- or no-fiber cereals Cereal that is high in carbohydrates and sugar and low in fiber will causeq your blood sugar to spike, then quickly drop—which can lead to mid-morning cravings and moodiness. Nutritionist Mitzi Dulan, […]

Common Summer Illnesses You Need to Avoid (Part 2)

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Common Summer Illnesses You Need to Avoid (Part 2) It’s amazing how you can never run out of things to do during summer. From long walks in the park to playing frisbee on the beach with your friends and family, summer is definitely time to enjoy the outdoors. However, there are health issues that you […]

Common Summer Illnesses You Need to Avoid (Part 1)

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Common Summer Illnesses You Need to Avoid (Part 1) Barbecues in the yard and long walks on the beach are summer activities that everyone partakes in and loves. However, people do not just have good memories of summer, they have bad ones too, especially when they develop common summer illnesses in the midst of the […]

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (Part 2)

9:19 pm
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According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, immunizations are one of the top ten public health accomplishments of the 20th century. This is because it has helped save millions of lives since its inception. Now it has been decided that the month of August be dedicated to celebrating the National Immunization […]

August is National Immunization Awareness Month (Part 1)

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This August, medical institutions and nonprofit organizations, along with other sectors of society, are celebrating the National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM). The purpose of promoting immunization among Americans is to remind them of the benefits that immunization brings to people regardless of their age. All the activities are geared towards encouraging individuals and their families […]

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Summer

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Summer Out of anyone in the family, kids are probably the most excited about summer. It’s that time of the year where they get to appreciate the sunny weather and play outdoors with their brothers, sisters, and friends. However, a child can develop certain illnesses during summers, so […]

Why It Pays to Boost Your Immune System This Summer

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Why It Pays to Boost Your Immune System This Summer Summer is all about the outdoors, which is why people take advantage of the sunny weather to engage in various sports and physical activities. Some go on vacation and focus on sun, surf, and sand before fall makes it too cold to go for a […]

Are E-Cigarettes Really Helping Smokers Quit? (Part 2)

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The success that the e-cigarette manufacturers have attained over the past year has been tremendous. With $2 billion in sales, there seems to be no stopping the proliferation of e-cigarettes. However, the big question remains—can it replace tobacco smoking? This seems to be the question everybody is waiting to be answered. Will it be able […]

Are E-Cigarettes Really Helping Smokers Quit? (Part 1)

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The e-cigarette business is an emerging industry, already gaining massive popularity among smokers and nonsmokers alike. Smokers are grabbing the chance to quit tobacco smoking and switch to a seemingly less harmful alternative. Non-smokers, on the other hand, are eager to try this tobacco-free smoke. Despite the growing success of the e-cigarette, its true effectiveness […]

You Are What You Eat at Work (Infographic)

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You are what you eat at work (Infographic)

Not that you don’t know already, but the food you eat directly affects your work productivity and performance. Maybe it’s time to set aside that sweet baked good for a healthier alternative – pine nuts for snacks, or plain water versus your diet soda. Click here for our Blog Disclaimer.

Keep Your Heart Healthy (Infographic)

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Keep Your Heart Healthy