What is a CBC?

Have you been to your doctor lately?

And you heard them say let’s go to CBC and you’re thinking what is a CBC?

Well, a CBC means complete blood count. Now that’s used all over the world for many things that we’ll discuss later. But what that is, is when they draw blood from your vein, and they put it in a synth in a test tube and put it in the centrifuge, and spin it down, it’s going to separate and the heavy part is going to fall to the bottom and that’s going to be the red blood cells.

Red blood cells carry the hemoglobin and hematocrit, and that’s going to be some of the iron floating through oxygen. If you don’t get enough oxygen to the brain, you’re gonna get loopy.

And with low hemoglobin, you’re going to be so tired, you don’t want to move you don’t want to do anything.

Now the white cells the white blood counts going to be the fighters of magnificent fighters of the immune system. The platelets are going to be the clotting factors whether you clotting or not.