Fresh Air and Sunshine

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon, I hope you can hear me okay with the mask. I was planning on taking it off but I didn’t realize there were going to be so many people out today. And I am one that believes that we should be wearing masks. In fact, if you’ll notice, I even double mask. I do not want the virus and I’m going to do everything I can do to prevent it. I am holding this so it might be a little shaky, but I can show you a few of the scenery. It’s still Saturday, I did my little video for you this morning on a good cancer snack for you. And I’ve been working all day doing paperwork at home and medical records and things like that. And I just had to get out. And so I took a long walk, and it got me to here, which is a lot busier area than I was expecting.

But I wanted to remind you, we need a little sunlight. If we can get sunlight, that’s very important. Because you know, everything in the world, on Earth, just about needs sunlight, to grow and to stay healthy. And what happens is, well, let me back up and say things in the deep dark caves or the deep, deep, deep ocean, they don’t. But plants… us… we need some sunlight, we need that natural vitamin D. So we don’t have to take the synthetic Big D. D is very important. But if you’re on the synthetic vitamin D, or any supplement, you definitely want to keep your blood work checked because you can get too much of that type D and it can store up in the liver.

Now, if you’re getting natural sunlight, you can get too much sunlight on your skin. So you don’t need a lot. But if you could just get out 5-10 minutes a day and get a little bit of sunlight. I’m lucky because today for where I live is definitely not as cold at this as it’s been. It’s been a little so cold you didn’t want to get out. But today is really great so I figured I’d take advantage of it before it starts getting colder again. But remember, get outside. Bundle up at least for 5-10 minutes a day. You’d be shocked at what that does for your health, and deep breathe. I know right now it’s hard to deep breathe with a mask on. But I can do that when I get home.

Thanks for joining me. That was just another tip I was thinking about giving you for today. And have a great rest of your day. Bye-bye!