Drop The Drama In Your Life

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon with New Hope Unlimited. You know, I want to tell you something that I thought about this morning when I woke up. We have drama all around us, we’ve got the COVID virus. We’ve got the political problems that’s going on. There’s just a boatload of things that we could say, we have drama that surround us. And then to add on, maybe a cancer diagnosis. That’s drama in itself. So even if you are just a caregiver or a family member, and you don’t have cancer, this might be a little neat for you to listen to, too. 

I want to invite you just to drop the drama in your life. It’s easy to be sad but it’s not always easy to do. But if we put that in our mind, hopefully you;ll remember that phrase, let’s drop the drama that we have in our life. Whether it’s that cancer drama, the politics that’s going around us, the virus, the dollar that’s supposed to be falling, there’s just all kinds of things. When we do that, it becomes constricting to our immune system

The immune system is so vital, and precious to us. It is the beginning of what can be. And it’s the end of what can be. So it is very important to keep that immune system up. Science has proven, you can research, science has proven that the bad drama that we put in our guts in our minds, and own us, pulls us down, which pulls the immune system down and it’s very hard to get well

So I just want to talk to you. I know… Alexander Graham Bell once said something like, “Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.” Now, I just want you to think about that. You might have a cancer diagnosis, you may have been on the internet looking. That’s the worst place in the world to look for your diagnosis because there’s not a lot of good things. And I promise you, there’s a lot better outcomes than you see on that Internet. The Internet can be a little field-based at times, depends on who’s writing. But sometimes you’re staring at that door, so afraid of what’s going to happen that you forget about what possibly can come in. You know, it’s kind of like, there’s a knock on the door, and you may go to it and say, “Oh, Hello, Mr. Miracle. You’re a little early. I wasn’t expecting you.” You know, I know that’s silly. But when we stuff ourselves with such drama, it’s hard to let anything good come in. That’s why hope is the best medicine anyone could ever have. You have to use science, you can’t give false hope. But science-based hope is very important. 

So with the drama that is all around us. Let’s do our best. And it’s hard. I know that. I have it. I have to fight it too. You know you turn the TV on and it’s like, ooh gee, turn that news off. Turn Netflix or a good movie on especially a comedy, something light-hearted, read a good book, do something. But don’t always get caught up in the news. Cavities. They’re like cavities, they suck you in and they can grab hold. So let’s try starting to change the drama so that can lighten us up. Don’t put yourself in constraints. When you put yourself in a constraint like, oh, but I got drama in my life because the doctor told me I’ve only got this I can do. I’m so fearful. How can you say? Just drop that drama.  

Well when you hold onto things like that it’s constricting, and you’ve put yourself into time prison, or time jail, you got to break out of that. You want to live, you have so much to live for. Don’t fall into the lie that you’re going to die. I mean, I’m stepping out on a limb right now. We’re not God, people are not God. Doctors are not God. Only you and your God can say when you’re gonna die. So don’t prematurely jump into it. Get out of that time jail/time prison, let those constraints go. Find the joy and the happiness the best way you can. And I will tell you right now, which you’ve already known, that when you’re staring at that door of drama, it’s not going to open up like you want it to open up. 

We have to work daily. Daily on telling ourselves, I’m not going to fall for that. I’m going to think on the good things. Listen to the birds. Listen, hey, it’s sunshining today. I like to never get the lighting ready in here because the lighting is not at its best. But it’s about the message, I’m trying to tell you, the lighting… lights of everything else in your life, even on a rainy day, open up and bless the rain for giving us the greenery, and in washing away the old. You have a lot to live for. Fight, be the warrior, and you have a better chance of winning rather than listening to all the drama that’s on TV, and what the negativity people want to tell you. 

God bless you and I just want the best for you. And I know maybe this has sounded a little weird, but take bits and pieces of it and know it came from my heart. And just do your best to get out of the negative drama, because it’s nothing but dirtiness. And you deserve way more than that. Bless them that want to tell you the negative and just say I thank you for that. But I’m going to do without that thought. Thank you!