Brain Neurons Can Regenerate! YAY

Hi, I’m Dr. Branyon, and I’ve been on my little walk down here to the ocean, which I love. It’s one of the best stress relievers I’ve got that I have anyway. So I wanted to catch you up and just share this beautiful ocean with you if, you’re not near an ocean right now. But anyway, I wanted to do the beach’s kind of quiet. Today, we’ve got a man over here fishing. I was looking for him earlier, but he disappeared. But he’s back at it. So he might be catching something. But regardless, he’s enjoying it, you can see since you’re in it, so but anyway, I wanted to tell you about an article research that I found this morning. And I think it’s kind of exciting. Well, it is for me, because I’m at that older age and seeing your older age, and finding having to embrace it and decide I’m glad. But anyway, it came from the National Institute of Aging. I have it written right here, because I brought the article with me. So I may have to look at the article because I haven’t memorized it quite yet. But it was so good. I thought I gotta get it out to you real quick. And there’s the water coming up, I don’t want, I don’t want my feet wet, because that’s cold water. But anyway, this is a great article,

The study was published by the National Institute on Aging. And it found that even as we get older, and as we’re seniors, even, we are able to rebuild real regrow, brain neurons, which is very important neurons are, are very needed in the brain. Because what happens is, they will, they are the ones where the axons and the neurons will fire and, and create the synapses, so that we can think and do things and live our daily lives. And they help us keep our memory and, and they found that as they degenerate, that can cause memory loss, dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, all those kinds of things that we really don’t want. So this is good news. Now remember, years and years ago, there was a time when they thought that the liver would not grow. But well, I say years and years ago, but I’ll be honest, it wasn’t that long ago, because I remember I was in medicine at the time. And they didn’t, they didn’t even think that. But now they found that you take a lobe of the liver off and it will regrow itself if you’re healthy enough, and under the right conditions. But now this is exciting. Because this is mental brain health, they found that there is a they call it the B the BDNF that’s that’s what they’re calling it, but the real word for it. Or the real words for it. And sorry, I’m kind of little like not get it together here. But I’m doing it all up top of my head, so I’m just enjoying myself, I hope you’ll enjoy it. But it’s really the BDNF stands for Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor. Now in this study, it does show that it is can be regenerated, those neurons can read be regenerated. The study goes on and toward the end, it does give us and a lot of times that the studies don’t give us what we can do to help ourselves it just gives us the study.

But what it does is give us some of the things that will help to increase the BDNF and those things are exercise. Oh, and you know, I don’t know what it is. But I do not like to go to the gym. I’ve spent more money and had more trouble getting them to quit paying quit taking out that monthly fee off my out of my checking account. So I just given up the gym so I do my best to get out and exercise doing things that I love, like walking, bicycling, doing things like that. And even those simple things will help. You don’t have to go and lift weights and all that kind of stuff. You have to be careful when you get into that kind of stuff.

Now Exercise is very important, it will definitely, they say will definitely help that sunshine all day, you know, you think about it. Sometimes people forget, we get a lot of things from the sunshine, we get vitamin D, a real natural kind of vitamin D. But I want you to think about this, when, when we’re out in the sun, it helps us to grow even. And I know that sounds a little crazy. But do you know you think about everything on Earth, except things deep down in the ocean, things that are deep down in the caves, under the rocks, things like that. Not that but everything else needs sunlight to grow the trees, the flowers every day. Even us Do you know we heal with some sunshine, we can. It helps our circadian rhythm to help us to sleep. But healing comes from a lot of things. And we should never forget about that sunlight. Sun is very, very important. And of course, there is a lot of studies about sleep is so important. But they have found that that can help raise that BDNF levels. And then they say that fasting is a great way to boost those levels. And I think I can’t say it’s not because that’s what the study saying. But I would precaution, any of our patients, any of our cancer patients, do not go on a long strip fasting, because that can weaken the body when you’re when you’re trying your best to keep those healthy cells healthy. Long, fasting is not a good thing, in my opinion. Now, if you think about if you have dinner, your last meal that night, or in the evening, and you have that last meal, let’s say, six, seven o’clock, I don’t know, whatever time you eat, then you go to bed, then you sleep, you’re eight hours, hopefully. And then you get up and then you have breakfast a little later on. That’s actually fasting, you went a good eight hours or more. And without anything, so that’s fasting. Now they may be talking about long term, I think that’s fine, but not for our cancer patients. Because you need the nutrients. You need the healthy cells need you to feed them, you don’t want them to weaken. So kind of think think that way. Now, the other thing, of course, their good diet was falling here. Not not falling. But anyway, let me see if I can turn this page and see what they’re saying here.

Stress Management, oh, there we go. That’s why I’m walking. That’s why I’m walking at the ocean right now, trying to keep some of the stress management done. But that’s real important. That’s very important for your health care. Because you especially if you’re already feeling sick or, or whatever, you can not get well being stressed and anxious and all. Your body It just can’t, you can’t handle it. So you really, really need to do your best to learn how to do some stress management, walking, a good slow walk, like I’m doing right now because I’m trying to do this too. So it’s gonna be a slow walk. But stress management. It can be many things from hobbies just to slow walk, or a fast walk. Like the man next to me just walked by, he’s walking a lot faster than I am good for him. But he’s keeping up with the dog two dogs are great for people to keep up with. But anyway, stress management and we can talk about that at another time. Then they did a randomized double blind study and compared a dosage of 100 micrograms of whole coffee cherry extract to a placebo. And they found that whole coffee cherry extract did well. Now I have to research them because I’m really not. I’m just really not not up on whole coffee cherry extract. So I have gotten it sounds good. But I need to look at that one and then I’ll report back to you.

But the other things that they said that will help is the omega-3s. Now that sounds good try to stay away from too many omega-6s though, because that has lean linoleic acid and that has become known to induce or help start liver cancers and things like that. But omega threes all your your fish, especially the salmon, any of your any of anything with omega-3s, avocado all those good things are good for us. Curcumin now they say curcumin, I personally would do the Tumeric which because Curcumin is a constituent of tumeric. So why not, if you’re going to take one, why not get the best of the both of them, because it’s the same plant. You’re just Tumeric has lots of great things for inflammation, so why not do just a good Tumeric Good, good, good. No fillers, just a good Tumeric because the Curcumin is in there. And then there is vitamin A be careful with your vitamin A because it is a fat soluble vitamin meaning if you overdose on that it is stored in the liver. And that’s not a good thing you want your liver clean because it is the detoxifier are one of the great detoxifiers for the human body. And zinc, magnesium base three which is niacin. Be careful with that if you start flushing, you’ve got too much in your body. And of course clean air. And I’m loving this clean air and social connections, social connections because they know that it is good for us because it keeps our brains working and doing and making us happy. So I know that was a little quick, but I hope you got a little something out of it. And I appreciate you being with me and enjoying my walk with me. I know I was a little turvy; upside down a little bit, but I’m enjoying it. I hope you do and I hope you did get something out of this. Thank you for being with me. I love you. Tell someone you love them today because that comes right back to you too. Thank you