Who Is Your Hero?

Who Is Your Hero?
When I was a child, there were many TV heroes one could choose to emulate. There was Superman with his incredible strength, Batman with his great ability to save the day, and even Jimmy Stewart who believed in the angel that rang the Christmas bell. Oh, and I can’t not mention Peter Pan. Then as I got older, there was Mother Theresa who tried to help everyone, Oprah who brought a lot to the world, and Nelson Mandela for going through all he did and he still brought his country out of darkness.

Fortunately, I never knew anyone who wanted to grow up and be like the bad guys. I never heard anyone say they wanted to be like Hitler or one of those type of people.

Yes, I know it may all sound silly, but have you stopped lately and thought about who would be your hero in today’s life? Who could be your mentor for growing up? No matter what our age is, 7 years old or 97 years old, we all need someone that we can look up to. That’s just the way life is.

Today is once again a day to start over. A fresh new idea will come to you so grab on to it. We have these great ideas all the time but we are so busy in our heads that we do not listen.

Maybe it’s a simple idea that you should call Mrs _____ down the street and see if she is staying warm enough. Or maybe it is an idea that you should check to see if there is a child going hungry in your town and provide a simple meal for them. If someone is going hungry, even a peanut butter sandwich is wonderful.

It is funny how we think we need heroes in our lives, and I believe we do. But it’s also funny how we forget that an act of kindness from our heart can make us a hero in someone’s life. We do not have to be Superman, Oprah, Nelson Mandela, or Mother Theresa. We do not need to be all over the news for our acts of heroism. We can be ourselves and make it a habit to love others as ourselves. It is amazing how wonderful your heart will feel when you know you did something for someone in need because you truly love from your heart. You can be someone’s hero by doing little simple things. I promise you, you will be rewarded.

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