The Threat of Childhood Obesity

The Threat of Childhood Obesity


Obesity is a major problem in our society, and I especially worry about our children. Not only does it affect their health, but obesity affects a child’s psychological and social behaviors too. A child who overweight may be taunted and bullied, as being overweight is often stigmatized.  Many overweight children develop low self-esteem and may become depressed from being teased about their weight. As parents or grandparents we must take the steps to introduce healthy choices as often and as early as possible, and we must make these food choices available and accessible to our children. If we present food in a positive context, and model good food choices and behaviors ourselves, hopefully our children will do the same. I’m excited to offer a section now which will feature a few of my favorite recipes. Many of these are kid approved.

Granted, it may take a little ingenuity on our part, but the holidays often present a good opportunity to not only indulge our children or grandchildren but to present healthy treats in a fun way! My granddaughter, Kenzie, was recently sharing her excitement over the Easter basket she received Sunday. A few months ago she lost her top right incisor, which she swore was her sweet tooth. She was tickled it didn’t affect her ability to enjoy the huge chocolate bunny which sat right front in center of her basket! Yes, I admit I may know a little something about how he ended up there but I know nothing about what happened to his left ear. 😉 He may have gotten first mention, but Kenzie did also point out he was surrounded by “rabbit food”. After she indulged her sweet tooth, she munched away on carrots, raisins, pears, celery sticks, and cherry tomatoes too. Her basket was a fun way to incorporate a little of both worlds.



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